Pro Tools Edit ModesYou know those pesky little edit modes in Pro Tools? Those four little buttons at the top left of the Edit Window? What are they for? What can you practically use them for in a session? 

In this video I show you a few examples of how I use each edit mode. Check it out, and let me know what tricks you have up your sleeve.


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10 Responses to “Video: Using the 4 Edit Modes in Pro Tools”

  1. Luis

    Spot mode is also great when you know where the exact timing is to copying and pasting a chorus/verse but just cant get it right doing it manually.
    Thanks for your videos Joe you are a real life saver great job,
    Hope to see more tutorials soon.

      • ~Jon~

        The times when you really need spot mode it won’t work. Like when someone sends you a session that won’t open right and it won’t let you spot to the original timestamp because their session started at a different point.

        ps. how do I get an avatar here?

        • KeyOfGrey

          I didn’t actually set up an avatar here. I think that it’s using the avatar attributed to my email address via my openID account.

          • Joe Gilder

            Yeah, Sean’s right. I’ve got it set up to recognize Open ID avatars. You can set one up at It will let you upload a pic and link it to all your comments using your email address.

  2. ~Jon~

    I use Shuffle mode SOOOO often when editing dialog for the podcast. It saves so much time. Perfect solution for removing Umms and uhhs between phrases.

    When working on music I’m in grid mode 90% of the time, and I’ll ‘suspend grid mode’ with ctrl for selections outside of grid lines.

    Good to see you using your shortcuts and the smart tool.

    • Joe Gilder

      Nice. Thanks Jon. Shuffle mode for podcasting makes a lot of sense. I became a much bigger fan of grid mode after using Logic for a few years.


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