Photo by constantly_Jair

Photo by constantly_Jair

We spend a lot of time on Home Studio Corner talking about recording and how to get good recordings. However, it’s a good idea to be on the other end of the spectrum, to be constantly listening to new music. One could argue that listening to recordings done by other people is just as important as practicing your own recording skills.

There will always be someone out there who’s better than you. Make sure you’re listening to their work. Enjoy their work, learn from them, apply their techniques to your own work. It’ll make you better.

So, what are you listening to?

I’ll start. Over the weekend I bought Erin McCarley’s latest album, “Love, Save the Empty.” It’s great. She has a nice, jazzy voice to go along with some catchy tunes. And the production on this album is amazing. Even if you’re not into big, extravagant, polished production, this is still worth a listen.

Okay, your turn. Leave a comment.

  • I’ve been listening to Secondhand Serenade a good bit. He’s is my inspiration for playing guitar and his voice is simply amazing!

    I’m also listening to the soundtrack from the musical “Wicked”. My girlfriend got me into it and I LOVE it! Some of the arrangements make me cry because they are so good, and that’s before the beautiful lyrics start. Yes, music makes me cry and I’m 100% okay with it. It just goes to show that great instrumentalists can touch your heart without saying a word.

  • Been listening to AA Bondy, that new Spoon EP. Just got the new Wilco album, sounds good but haven’t listened enough to decide if I like it. Beyond that I’m on an Irish kick of late, the Pogues, U2, the Frames etc. The old iPhone & iPod pretty much always have various standards (Beatles etc) on regular rotation…
    Great site btw, I’m learning a lot!

  • Hip-Hop pulses through my veins, but I’ve been listening to Coldplay lately and just alternative rock in general. How’s the album coming Joe? Still hoping to release my group’s mixtape before the Summer is up!

    • Hey! It’s coming along pretty nicely. Probably won’t be done by Sept 1st, but I’ve made some good progress. Thanks for asking!


    A lot of different stuff really. Today I was listening to a solo album of Ian Anderson(of Jethro Tull) “The Secret Language Of Birds”, Gov’t Mule’s “High & Mighty” and Little Big Town(I can’t remember the name). I still listen to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Van Halen, etc…

  • N.E.R.D.’s 3rd album!!
    I work for Hard-Rock(or Punk Rock). But I receive many inspiration in them…
    Yesterday, I bought Stone Roses’ 1st album that is digital remastered. So, for a while, I will concentrate to that. 🙂

  • Eric

    I’ve been listening to The Low Anthem a lot recently. They have some great stuff.

  • Oh and Muse’s new single…can’t wait for their new album and Weezer’s new album in October.

  • Bleu’s “A Watched Pot”, Derek Webb’s “Stockholm Syndrome”, some Foxymorons, and the Street Sweeper Social Club project (how’s that for diverse?)

    And I have to agree with you on Erin McCarley’s album…

  • Sharon

    Mindy Smith’s new album “Stupid Love!!” I also listen alot to Jason Upton..and Rick Pino.

  • I’ve been listening to Absolutes by Barcelona for the past week. I’m loving it, but thinking I’m also overplaying it.

  • I’ve been listening to a lot of hard rock stuff. Nickelback’s “Dark Horse” produced by rock legend Mutt Lange. Theory of a Deadman’s “Scars & Souvenirs” produced by Howard Benson. Some more classic metal stuff too like Metallica’s Black Album produced by Bob Rock. I’ve really been studying each part. I really like the sounds of those albums and I’m trying to apply it to my current project, which is not a rock album. Its coming along nicely though.

  • Been really digging “Revolver”, lately. Also Vienna Teng’s “Inland Territory” and trying to figure out if I like Beck’s latest album or not.

  • Hugo Lopez

    Earlier today I was listening to a live recording of this guy named Joe Gilder or something. Especially loved the last song on his newly released EP “Live @ Spencer’s”.