You’ve heard a thousand gurus tell you in a thousand different ways:

“You need to set goals.”

But what if the goals you set aren’t big enough?

What if they’re too attainable? Too ordinary?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. If my goals (whether for my business, my health, or my personal life) are too boring, I won’t be very motivated to achieve them.

But what if…

What if I set a big, huge, almost impossible goal?

Some people would argue that such a big goal would demoralize you when you don’t achieve it, but I disagree.

Let’s use music as an example.

Let’s say you have a goal to mix 4 albums for clients every year, that’s one per quarter.

Now let’s say you upped that goal to something ridiculous, like 4 albums per MONTH. That’s 48 albums in one year.

Ridiculous, right?

But what if that was your goal, and you woke up every day with that goal in your head?

Wouldn’t you rather fall short of hitting a huge goal than a small one?

Falling short on the first goal means you mixed 1-3 albums instead of 4.

Falling short on the second goal means you mixed 1-47 albums instead of 48.

Which do you think you’d be more satisfied with?

Even if you came up 80% short on the big goal, that would mean you still mixed over TWICE as many albums as you would have if you “hit” your small goal.

Let me give you examples of a couple of my goals.

GOAL: Get to 100,000 subscribers to the HSC Newsletter.

That’s a big ol’ huge goal. It’s gonna take me a long time to get there, but you know what having that goal makes me do?

It makes me get up early and write these newsletters. It makes me create new videos and podcasts to grow my brand and attract new people, people I can help to make better music.

That huge goal motivates me to get after it.

Here’s another one:

GOAL: Play a show at Ryman Auditorium.

This may not be a huge goal for a some people, but it is for me. I don’t play shows very often, but I want to.

Having a big stinkin’ goal like that keeps me from being complacent. I know that if I want to make it happen, I’ve got to get to work NOW, because it’s gonna take me a while.

Does that make sense?

I know this email is longer than normal, but this is something I think is incredibly important…something we should all be thinking about regularly.

What are your goals?

Are they big enough?

Are you working towards them?

I’m here to help:

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

P.S. A lot of these ideas came to me after reading a book called The 10X Rule (affiliate link) by Grant Cardone. It’s all about upping your game to a new level. A lot of people hate that kind of stuff. I love it. Check it out if your up for the challenge. 🙂

4 Responses to “What if…”

  1. Sean

    Thanks for writing this Joe. I needed to hear it. I’m in the same boat, faced with the choice of being “realistic” and keeping my day job, which pays well or ditching it to keep pushing forward to my lofty goal and my dream. You will reach 100k subscribers my friend, and I will support my family producing, engineering and running my own production business. As you always say… BOOM!

    • Joe Gilder

      Thanks Sean. The great news is that you can slowly, steadily build up your business on the side until it makes financial sense to make the jump. You don’t have to jump out on faith. You can build it until you feel confident, then jump. It’s still a risk, of course, but a calculated one. That’s what I did with HSC. So thankful I went for it.


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