Well, it’s that time again. Registration is open for the HSC Production Club.

I’ll give you the link in just a second to go check out all the details on how YOU can sign up, but first, I want you to hear from a few people who have already gone through the Production Club.

You can hear what they’re saying here:

Audio Testimonial

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So there you have it. These are just a few of the Production Club “alumni.” We’ve had a blast.

Registration is open through the end of this week, then it will be closed for 12 weeks. You can check it out over at the Production Club website:


There’s a short video there explaining what the Production Club is all about.

[Photo by takomabibelot]

5 Responses to “What Production Club Members Are Saying”

  1. Scott

    When I first signed up for the Production Club, I said on my twitter that it was the best money I’ll spend on my studio this year. I’d like to alter my statement a bit. “This is the best money I’ve spent on my studio, PERIOD.”

  2. Julian

    Hey I remember Patrick in the audio from the 1st club!

    As an “alumni” of the first HSC Prod Club, let me add a couple things about why I think this course is worth taking.

    The advantage of HSC Production Club is one thing I’ve never seen anyplace else: Context Context Context!! “What is the advantage of doing it this way, why is X done before Y?”. Joe doesn’t just show & tell, he stops and explains how he developed some of his techniques and WHAT he’s thinking. Context!
    A lot of people can film themselves recording/mixing/mastering a song — but in Joe’s videos we not only saw the nuts & bolts of the production process, but we also got to know what was going on in Joe’s mind as he produces the song and gets the sound he wants.
    The community aspect of the Prod Club was awesome. Joe was there to make suggestions and coach us through our own road-blocks, and set the tone for a learning-friendly atmosphere in the club. Joe always quickly answered all of my questions and never made anyone feel like they asked a dumb question ever (and I’ve asked quite a few of those!).
    Whether you write & produce your own songs, or if you want to help other people record & produce their music…if you’re seriously into the craft of music production the HSC Prod Club is a great place to be.

  3. Kevin Hilman

    Hi Joe,
    Sounds like a great course. What is the total cost for the full 12 weeks?


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