Are you on the market for a new piece of gear? What is it? Why are you looking at it? What are you hoping to gain from it?

If you’ve followed HSC for any given amount of time, you know that I regularly warn against Gear Acquisition Syndrome. However, there’s nothing wrong with getting a new toy from time to time!!

As some of you know, my wife and I will be moving into our first house in the next couple of weeks. I am stoked to be leaving the land of renting and into a permanent place. I’ll finally be able to put up proper acoustic treatment, record guitar amps at high volume, etc. etc.

So…I’m budgeting/planning for a few new purchases over the next several months. A few things I’m eyeing:

Who knows what the final decisions will be, but buying gear is always fun.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not going to stop making music while I shop for new gear.

That’s extremely important. It’s okay to get new gear every once in a while, but if you’re in a constant state of procrastination while you amass the perfect combination of equipment, you are doing it wrong. Always be making music. Upgrade your gear as needed, but don’t stop making music.

What about you? What’s on your list?

[Photo by Elsie esq.]

  • Nick Maston

    I ordered a pair of AKG c1000s and they should be here tomorrow!

  • I love this kind of entry!

    I’m intro a GAS mood, I’m not sure if it’s a good thing but the goal is to improve the sound of my next album. So, I’m thinking of :

    – A real good preamp, something like a Great River MP1NV
    – A Gibson Les Paul Custom
    – A new desktop computer as my new laptop is more powerful (by far) than my studio computer
    – An express card for my RME Multiface to use it with my laptop
    – And again for the Multiface, an 8 channel preamp but I really don’t know which one…


  • As soon as I sell the condo, I’ll be investing in a pair of EL-8 Distressors. I just got the BAE 1073 MPF and an A-Designs Pacifica, so I hope to have at least 2 killer channels. I’ll need some new monitors too, but its all in the plan. Just got to get into a house.

  • Ariel Hartung

    In the last couple of months I’ve bought several things, hopefully not too much… M-Audio 1814 FW, a budget condenser mic, a very low budget accoustig guitar (I try to learn to play the gutiar from zero), some nice vintage AKG headpones (K500, K240 Sextett), and I just won an auction on ebay, and bought a pair of Fostex PM-1 monintors, which I’m really looking forward to. I’m pretty shure it will be much better than my current Yamaha (ultra-low resolution) half-passive speaker set.

    (Dear Joe: please cut the next paragraph out, if you don’t like it. I will totally understand, and in that case, sorry. Probably you should consider setting up a forum for advertising second-hand home studio gears. Is it a bad idea :)? )

    I bought an additional speaker set on ebay, which I will not need (for obvious resons). If someone wants to buy it (please, EU only) please leave a message. Its a new never-used Pronomic M6B, I’m selling it at 200 EUR + courier.

  • aLf

    And I thought you overthere in the states always use Fostex T20 Standard as headphones? šŸ™‚

    Somebody told me…

  • Kevin Hilman

    My next gear purchases are going to be rather small since I’m spending most of my dough getting my studio room finished in my basement. Since there isn’t too much money in my pockets I’m going to upgrade from my discount cables to monster cables in an effort to improve signal quality and reduce noise. I also need to buy a second microphone so that I can do stereo recordings. Maybe I’ll save up for the M-Audio Sputnik.

    Regarding bass guitar: I also purchased a Mexican Fender Jazz Bass a few years back and have really been pleased with it. Sure I’d love an Amercian JB but just don’t have an extra $600 to invest in it right now.

  • As I GAS’ed all the way thru the setup of my 1st recording rig last year, so I’m on a “no gear for a year” diet…which I’ve somewhat broke already w/ a Waves SSL plugs buy. LOL Technically the diet ends Christmas 2010, at which point I’m dreaming of a Macbook.

    But, I’m not letting gear lust hold me back from recording, my job already conspires to do that…can’t let any other excuses get in my way!

  • Those HD650s look awesome. I just got some of their HD595s which are AMAZING. I’ve never heard anything that great before. Took them out of the box and listened to Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ and knew instantly I’d made the right choice. The HD650s are definitely lurking somewhere in my distant future.

    The first thing that I’m investing in, though, is an iMac. Eventually, I’d like to go all out and get a MacPro, but that is YEARS in the future. And considering that for the foreseeable future, I’m only going to be recording myself through my MBox 2, I don’t really need a MacPro.

    Anyway, though, for the time being that’s all I’m saving up money for. After that I’d like to get a bass – nothing fancy – just a nice dependable instrument with a decent sound, leaning toward Fender I suppose, and then I’d like to get my own drum kit. Fill out the rock instrument line up. Even though I always plan on using VIs. I love MIDI.

    • I got a Mexican Jazz Bass a couple years back. Great choice for a simple, good-sounding bass. I think it’s less than $500, and it has a considerably better feel than the cheaper Squier version.

      Yeah, I forgot to mention a new Mac, too. My white Macbook is still rockin’ along, but things are slowly breaking. I’ve been running her in the ground for 3 years straight. Torn between an iMac and a Macbook Pro, but I think I’ll opt for portability and get the MBP.

      • Yeah, that’s the kind of thing I had in mind for the bass. I just wrapped up my MBP vs. iMac research last week. It basically came down to iMac’s processing power vs. MBP’s portability.

        Considering that I can get a 21 inch iMac with a 3.06 processor and the potential for up to 16gigs of RAM for half the price of a MBP’s 17 inch display, 2.88, and max of 8gigs of RAM, and then taking into consideration that I don’t need portability (I only ever record myself at home), my choice became clear.

  • I’ll buy a very cheap used electric guitar (Eko VL-480) from my friend. My other guitar is downtuned to c# so now it’s so much easier to play at my local church. Cheap 5 string bass would be nice too or I have to spend some time to learn to program bass tracks.

  • carlisle

    Chanlder Limited Germanium 500 Series Pre

    Pearlman TM 2

    My goal is to have these by the end of the year. I need this micPre now. So If anyone whats to buy PreSonus Eureka just hit me up

  • I just picked up the Waves Maserati bundle as well as the PIE/HLS combo.

    I’m moving into a new mix room, so acoustic treatment is next on the list.

  • Mack

    Trying to move a couple of guitars so I can get a Digi 002 or 003

  • rick

    I’ve debated on that Eureka over the years. Could have gotten a decent deal on one when my buddy worked for GC. Based on my situation and needs, I’ve given up the pipe dream of getting a really nice preamp or channel strip because there are too many things going against me in recording at my house to justify a high end pre. But PreSonus also has that cheaper Studio Channel now, so that might still suffice for my purposes (but it being cheaper and tube worries me… those things don’t usually go very well together :)).

    I’m curious about the FMR Audio RNP. It’s supposedly great for the price.

    I’m also looking at getting a MIDI controller… maybe the Novation 49SL MkII.

  • Pedalboard for my growing collection of pedals so I can play live more often.

  • bobby

    I MIGHT buy a midi controller, since I don’t have one yet.

  • 1- Neumann TLM 103, probably
    2- Millennia Media HV-3C preamp, definitely
    3- HD650 headphones!

    Joe, you might check out the bass traps from RealTraps. Auralex foam is great for some things (I own crates of it) but IME the RealTraps products look better and, according to their tests, work better (esp. for LF absorption) too.

  • Johnson

    I have actually just purchased a Focusrite Voice master Pro. Has anyone got this?

    What do you think Joe? I believe you`ve got a similar Pre amp

    Since I’m still in a student accommodation, Acquistic treatment will probably be the last on my list

  • scott

    I’m currently working on finding a line 6 variax 5 string bass.

  • I too am in the process of moving house, and once I’ve moved in I’ll be planning a similar list, with acoustic insulation, a new workstation desk and some new monitors high on my list. There’s a few other things that might jump the list though, like furniture… šŸ™

    But right now, I seem to have accidentally found myself bidding on a Fender Blender fuzzbox…