Photo by fdecomite

Photo by fdecomite

Okay, this is the part of the concert where I ask for some audience participation.

I can go on for months talking about Pro Tools, recording techniques, and how to get good recordings, but I think it’s good to stop from time to time and ask the question why do we make music?

I invite you to be a guest author today on Home Studio Corner. Leave a comment with your reasons for making music. Whether you’re a musician or strictly an audio engineer, why do you do it?

Ready? Go!

11 Responses to “Why Do You Make Music?”

  1. San Diego Rock

    We make music because we need it. Music has existed due to a necessity humanity is after. This necessity varies from one to another and it is precisely why musicians do to “get” that feeling of expressing themselves by creating sound. However, there is other type of people that make music, but their “necessity” is merely based on making a living ($). You know, non-passionate, commercially oriented individuals that give what they know will generate some income. Yes, they are good, but the soulful purpose of music is somewhat lost and/or twisted. However, I believe there should be a mixture of both–if you are serious, professionally, about music. I could be the next Mozart, yet without commercializing my music, then who will recognize me as a musician? Of course, there should be limits like with everything.

    Why do I make music?

    1. Because is in my blood.
    2. Because I can play what I can’t say.
    3. Because life revolves around it; whether it is on a commercial, or a film; and I do too.
    4. Because I enjoy creating.


    Music Gear Aside, Because I’ve loved music all of my life. I’ve sang all of my life. I started playing guitar when I was 13. No matter what hobby I have gotten interested in a long the way. I always seem to turn back to music. Like one other person mentioned, “There is something holistic about music.” Music is a God-given blessing. I couldn’t imagine life without it.

  3. Saul

    like 2 years ago I got really into my favorite genre, Hip-Hop/Rap, and had a few friends who were recording some amateur stuff. tried it for fun and the more I did it I instantly fell in love with making music. love the feeling of being proud of what I’ve created and can just sit back & enjoy it and the fans can enjoy your work too. a very accomplished feeling and fun to do as well!

  4. Craig Pitman

    Because I don’t want to be out-done by rocks and trees! Joe, I know you understand this.

  5. Joel

    I have to be creative, or my head might explode.

    Not being overly-talented at anything in particular, I swing back and forth between making music and writing. Now that I’ve got my own studio, I think I might stay in the music world for a while…

  6. Andy

    Mostly because I’m a huge hater, thats my reason for writing. Its a huge stress relief for me, I get on the DAW and everything else goes away. Its like an escape. When I have something on my chest thats really eating me up, I don’t have to say anything at all. I can just jam and forget it. But my reason for posting music, its kind of tricky, because part of it is to make people ask themselves, why the heck would he do that?

  7. TCM

    I started playing guitar at the age of 12, in bands at the age of 16. I just love music, which is an expression of whatever is inside. Music, at least in my books, is holistic. That doesn’t mean, you can’t write just with your intellect. Yes, you can ; ). But for me there is more involved: Sometimes I cannot name the source where an idea for a song comes from. I think the source is beyond the ego.
    Maybe you understand what I mean: think of a band performance, if there are just a bunch of egos, it may sound good, but the soul is missing. The best thing that can happen is when the egos disappear and just the song remains and everybody feels like one.
    Due to a lot of traveling I had to neglect music. But right know I have got a job which allows me to spend more time to be creative. Thus in 2005 I spent some money to equip a home recording studio with ProTools. So I had/still have to learn the concepts of recording. The main purpose of PT is to capture my creativity, and preserve and develop ideas. So I don’t need to be a perfect engineer.
    I miss the creative exchange with people though. I tried Indaba, but this platform is not “finished”, and to find “reliable” and committed people, where the “chemistry” is right, is IMHO difficult. But this is true in the “real” world as well.


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