• Danny

    I love studio gear and the fantastic possiblities on offer with plugins but can see what Joe is saying. I have enough plugins, all legitimately gained free from magazine DVDs etc and already I am blitzed with choice. Too many options. Already I have found that about six or seven of them are great and I use them but I always go back to the default plugins because I know them and get great results with them.
    I therfore cannot justify pirating plugins. It is stealing first and foremost and just plain greedy as well. Justify the need for paid plugins and do your research and pay for them if you feel that they will actually improve what you are doing, otherwise you are just wasting valuable time. Make music!

    • Great points, Danny. Also, most companies offer trials of their plugins, so people can definitely give them a try and a listen before making a purchase decision.

  • Graeme Rawson

    Excellent points, especially numbers 2 and 3! I own a hand full of Waves plugs, a small but varied selection of a couple of compressors and EQ options, and Kramer Tape They’re really not expensive and Waves are forever putting them on offer. Buy them over time and take advantage of upgrade offers. Imagine having to put £2k down on a hardware compressor that could only handle 2 channels at once before the digital age! Now you can have unlimited, good, compression channels for around £50! Bargain.

    • Great point about only having 2 channels of analog compression.

  • Henri Vlot

    I use free plugins all the time. There are some really good and free plugins out there on the web, you just need to know where to look.

  • jv

    I agree with the mentality behind this post. But I think it’s pretty hard to argue that a stock compressor or EQ is anywhere near the tool or will deliver even close to the result as the right waves one.

    • chrisw92

      I completely disagree. They’re all just different flavours. Not one is better than another.

      You may think Salt & Vinegar are the best crisps for a meal. Me, I’m more a Cheese & Onion sort of guy. It all depends on what you want your lunch to taste like.

    • Roger

      I can’t agree with you. Most daw stock EQ and compressors are not that different, and you surely can make a lot bigger difference on _how_ you use them (be it Waves or the stock plugins).
      I may agree that Waves limiters (L2, etc) can be a little more effective than some stock plugins, and there’s a lot of plugins that have its own purpose, but if you could force Dave Pensado or CLA into use only stock plugins, I’m pretty sure that they would still deliver amazing mixes.

    • Have you compared ’em? I mix songs with all Waves stuff, then I’ll mix another song with all stock plugins, and both mixes sound like my mixes.

  • Mayuresh

    I am new to mixing but I learned a great deal listening to lot of producers and engineers like Dave Pensado, Eddie Kramer and CLA via YouTube.
    So I have some basic but real good plugins form waves which I can use for most of my mixes such as GEQ, JJP analogue, CLA signature series, Bass & Vocal Rider and L2. I truely believe in ‘Less is more’