• niklasjblixt

    Totally agree with you Joe! On later years I’ve really discovered how much time you actually can save by using templets. When you only record yourself it’s not that big of a deal if you have to create and route new tracks in your DAW. But when you’re the musician who’s being recorded you don’t want to wait ’til the engineer gets done with setting up the DAW.

    And since I started to do more professional work I my studio it’s a real benefit to have templets and so on, it really speeds things up. And in the end that means that you can spend more time actually do the work that people pay you for, in my case that usually means playing the drums. Clients usually don’t want to pay you for setting up your DAW or connecting microphone cables.

  • Dave Komel

    I hear ya! Trying to figure out all my starting “defaults”. One of the best things I’ve started to develop. Haven’t done a lot of outside stuff yet, but I’ve been lucky that I still remembered the session protocols we used back in the day. More to come soon. Another church musician I know is gonna use me to record some stuff in the fall. Looking forward to trying these tips then.

    Still using the Eureka?! Love mine, now that I finally have it back from the shop. Certainly makes good sounds from the get-go!