I wrote last week about how people tend to get more out of things they pay for as opposed to things they get for free.

Long-time subscriber and customer John Haynie replied:

“This is absolutely true. Good psychological studies prove that we equate price with value up to a point. Having put on a few events in my life, I also came to realize that the free events were more poorly attended than the paid events, even if the fee was nominal.”

Crazy, right?

But it makes sense.

If I get a free ticket to an event, I may or may not go.

If I BUY a ticket to an event, you bet your bacon I’m gonna be there.

Now, let’s apply this to you and your studio.

A lot of people believe that the only way to build up your client base is to offer your services for free.

It’s as simple as putting an ad on Craigslist for a “Free Recording Session!” Then you sit back and wait for your phone to blow up.

But nothing happens.


Because a free recording session isn’t really free. For all your potential client knows, you could be a horrible recording engineer. They’re not about to waste their valuable time on “trying you out.” They would rather spend some money on someone they trust.

If you want to work with clients, charge them.

If you don’t feel like your work is good enough to charge them, then put all your focus into improving your skills and building up your portfolio.

To do that, you need to be regularly working on projects, like mixing at LEAST one song per month.

And there’s still time to get a mix in for this month.

Start downloading your tracks here:


Joe Gilder
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  • ROD

    does anyone know if the VIP member ship paGE IS DOWN. i TRYING TO SIGN UP

  • ironman2819

    Has anyone considered the quality of the free product versus the subscribed product? Most consumers who are smart won’t simply buy unseen and if the free products are just thrown together and are sloppy then the consumer will move on because if the don’t perceive a “professional” level of quality products on display in the proverbial “window” of your store they rarely decide to go inside to see more let alone make a purchase.

    Perception is everything.

    • Absolutely. And another key point is you still need to SELL someone on the free product. The “free” part doesn’t make it valuable. You need to pitch it as if it’s REALLY valuable (and it should be), or no one will bother.