Next week you’ll be able to pre-order a copy of my album Out of Indiana. I’ve been so immersed in this record for the last several months, and I’m excited to share it with you.

Want to win a free copy? Head over to this weekend and download the 3 songs I’m giving away for free.

After you’ve listened to them, come back here and leave a comment. Your comment should include two things:

  1. Which of the 3 songs was your favorite?
  2. What project are you currently working on (or about to start), and when will it be finished?

I’ll be reading each comment, and will be picking the winner(s) next week.

Have fun!

  • Matt Needham

    1. My favorite song is “Home”. I love the guitar work, I think that you did a great job with chord choice. From a production standpoint, you did a good job with the vocals, they felt very personal and direct. I would have appreciated a more complex arrangement (I’m not a huge fan of the guitar and vocals format for a full song) but you can chalk that up to personal preference. Near the end, some strings or a bell set playing a counter melody would have gone a long way with me.

    2. After reading your eBook “A Roadmap to Finishing Your Album”, I have begun planning to record an album over my winter break from college with a good friend of mine. It will be my first, and I am very excited to have a plan that I can stick to.

  • carlisle

    My favorite song is home everything was done perfect. I have a few projects on my plate. my baby is a gospel jazz project. the do date is Monday for sure.

  • Mánuee

    No time, nostalgia, it really takes me there and can even related to the cover of the album and get into it. It also makes me wanna learn a bit more english.

    Currently finishing my ep and working for other singers and songwriters here in Panama to pay the bills, and hoping to get back on the road =( I missed the stage, i´m kind of addicted to it.

    Please let me know when the album is out, I want to buy it.

  • 1) I love all three songs, but my favorite is Treading Water, although the other two make me homesick (I’m from Indiana but live in the South now). I travel around town teaching piano lessons and today the sampler was on repeat in my car. 🙂

    2) My project right now is a children’s devotional that I’m hoping to have wrapped up in the next few weeks.

  • Karen

    1. All are great songs, Joe! Love not only your melodies but also your lyrics. Even though “Treading Water” will always hold a special place in my ear from HSC-PC :), my favorite is “No Time”. It carries such a seemingly effortless melody about it that boasts for natural and uncomplicated listening to the lyrics. (Knowing how you accomplished those harmonies is just too cool, too!!) You definitely know what you’re doing! Kudos to you!

    2. When I’m composing/recording music it can become an obsession of mine. At times I easily render what I’m feeling. At times it’s a struggle. All I can do is hope that out of so many efforts something will transpire. With that in mind, I have one piece I’m about to start mixing and a second I will start recording next weekend. Goal is have both completed by September 30th.

  • 1. “No Time” is probably my favorite of the 3 at the moment, enjoy the vibe and groove on that one. “Treading Water” rocks out the iPod as well though, and “Home” equal playlist attention. Tough call but the fave is “No Time” for now…

    2. Workin’ on finishing some songs, little acoustic EP is the plan

  • Doctor McFarland

    No time is definitly my fav. its a nice acoustic song until the BGVs come in and really takes it up a notch. the lyrics are great and. blend well with the mood of the song.

    i actually have a few projects that need to get done but im almost done with my studio build. should be just another week or two and it will be finished. im excited to set up my gear again and practice my editing skillz that i learned in your understanding editing videos. thanks joe

  • Treading Water grabbed my attention quicker than the other two, but I’ve gotten into No Time more than initially, from listening closer to the lyric.
    I’m in the final stages of an album project consisting of instrumental arrangements of cover songs, and I’m currently looking into options in getting it mastered. Scheduled to finish by the end of September.

  • well heck, do I really have to pick one? They all sound great. Love the acoustical guitar and those vocals are awesome on all the songs. But since I have to pick one, I would have to say Treading Water. The main reason would be the different instruments that are used, it starts out with acoustical, then bang…. in come the electric guitars adding flavor perfectly.

  • Mike Chavez

    Hey Joe.
    This is Mike from Mexico City. Well, I already told you this in a previous mail, but here it comes again.
    1. It was pretty hard to define which one is my favorite. I loved them all, they are fantastic, but I think I’ve come to a desision… “Trading Water”. The acoustic guitar sound is so neat and crisp. I love the riff as well.
    2. I’m currently recording an acoustic song I just wrote, with 2 guitars, bass, keyboards, some percussion and 3 voices.

    Pretty soon I’ll be sending you 2 or 3 songs from may latest CD.
    Keep rocking and teaching Joe.

    Best regards

  • Hello Joe,

    1. My first time favorite was No Time, after hearing on the UStream live home concert, so I go with that, but as lyrics I love Home too, and have a blessing working on both songs mixing them during MixWithUs course, and they are challenging too.
    I like Treading Water arrangement too, and full band production. I haven’t mixed yet. And also love change for the loop based but mixed accoustic style.

    2. First, I must find a perfect room for my treated project-studio, so I’m preparing to moving and building DIY acoustic treatment.
    Second, I’m participating in MixWithUs, and 1HourChallange, and have to finish mixing one of my local client’s EP.. which is dragging too much because
    things out of my control.
    as far as 1HrC, I started recording, and finishing my song ideas crawling in my head so long, now I’m struggling with lyrics and vocals.

  • 1. My favorite song is “Treading Water”, but all three are awesome!

    2. I’m currently writing the songs for my first album, it’s a guitar solo album. I hope it will be done by the beginning of the next year.

  • Dieter Carranza

    I’ll write in Spanish, cause my english is very poor.

    1) Mi canción favorita: Trading water, por ser dinámica, más instrumentada y más novedosa en cuanto a que tiene marcadas partes de intro – intermedio – cumbre y final.
    Mi critica constructiva: de 0:00 a 0:31 la voz está clara y en el volúmen adecuado.

    En 0:35, es MUY notorio el cambio de volúmen y equalización. Me incomodó desde la primera vez que oí la canción.

    2) Actualmente estoy terminando (enviando a masterizar)un album de 10 canciones antiguas de mi congregación cristiana. Es el 1er albúm que estoy haciendo “seriously” en mi vida. Con todo lo aprendido iniciaré un nuevo album de canciones propias “rock style”.

  • William Hoover

    Tough call. I’ll go with “Treading Water” for, lyric, hook and guitar.
    Working on finishing 3 songs for posting on American Songspace.

  • Stephen McDonagh

    Favorite song has to be Home.My job keeps me away for so long and listening to the song makes it seen that much closer.

    Project I am working on soon will be a promo songs for a radio station I will be joining soon.Taking it one step at a time and hope to finish by the end of October.

  • christopher [chrisw92]

    wow hard choice they are all brilliant, but I’m going to say No time. mainly for the lyrics and amazing acoustic guitar parts. I also love the little part in treading water (that you often use in the podcast) always gets me hyped up to make some music.

    I’m not currently writing any music myself but I am “collaborating” with a friend of mine who is making a hip-hop type of album, which I think he is hoping to release within the year. I honestly have no idea, he records the music and starts a mix and I finish it off (I don’t have any mics or we would probably share both jobs).

    I am however thinking about starting a new project (of my own) in September, I’m just not sure of the genre yet.

  • Carlos Diaz

    Hi Joe!

    I like the 3 songs,…….but I must confess that I like the strong character and electricity of Treading Water. Grrrrreat!

    As for the 2nd question,…I’m currently working on an Electronic (EBM) project. Doing a lot of work here,…
    The guy gave me a bunch of songs already recorded in Reason/Cubase by himself.
    The final goal is to re-recorded all of them and produce them in order to get them all sound new, fresh and my way. Also being myself mostly a rock producer, that guy was pretty interested in me to give his music that rock touch/character I’m used to give my productions.

    Results are quite nice so far, but there’s still a lot of work to do


  • My favourite song is Home ! i like the guitar sound.

    I have to record a jazz band.

  • Kato

    Home is my favourite song…
    I’m working on three songs, deadline in two months!

  • Michael

    1. I have to say “No Time” was my fav, nice arrangement,lyrics,chord changes, just flowed nicely!

    2. Ahh! the wife leaves for vacation tomorrow for a week with her family, So i can get a few things done.
    Just started an 8 song project of tunes i’ve written over the past few years. I’m also working on a remake of a Cars Song ” best friends girlfriend” I’m gonna start the basic tracking for that this weekend. Yippy!!! no nagging wife for a week lol!!

  • Joe – Home has to be my fav of the three songs. Love the whole thing, lyrics, vibe, recording. Superb man!

    What I’m doing now … personal projects are on hiatus until I’m done with orchestrating a score for a duo of fantastic composers in Toronto.

  • 1. My favorite song of the free songs was Treading Water. I really enjoyed the musical talent that I can clearly see in that song. I really like your electric guitar solo! It really is catchy. I like the reverb on it!

    2. I am currently recording a Christian praise and worship album! I am recording it in my homestudio with Cubase. It should be out this October 2010.

  • Andrew Donovan

    My favorite song is ”Home”. Being away at school to pursue my dream (recording arts), far from my wife and children, the words bring me comfort by knowing that someone feels like I do: ”this apartment isn’t, this town isn’t, the streets are not my home”. Thanks, Joe, for bringing me comfort!

  • Brennan

    1) My favorite song was Home because the acoustic part was very chill and hooked me the first time I heard it. I really like the lyrics especially in the second verse where you included “Mississippi” and “Tennessee”.
    2) I have been into recording for the past several years starting in GarageBand on my old iMac and then moving up to ProTools a few months ago. I have been working on recording a completely acoustic EP just for fun because I enjoy writing and producing my own stuff and I just love the rawness of acoustic songs. I am still learning the tricks of a great recording but hopefully I will start picking it up and have an EP done before the new year.

  • Pierre Foisy

    1. For me, it has to be No Time. It just grabs my heart.
    2. I wish I could finish the HSC Club project. We moved in March and I haven’t had the time set-up my small studio yet. ;0(

    • Congrats, Pierre! My wife randomly picked two numbers from the 33 comments I’ve gotten on this post, and yours was one of the ones picked!! I’ll be emailing you your free download of the album in just a few minutes.

  • 1. my favorite song is “treading water”. the acoustic version was cool, and the full band version takes it to the next level.

    2. i’m currently working on finishing my first real song. i went to an awesome studio, and i have a producer collaborating with me. i’ll release it on september 12 through youtube.

  • 1) Home is a stunning piece of songwriting, Mr Gilder, and a stellar vocal performance. Due to your background with HSC its inevitable that we’d all be listening to the production values, but with Home and No Time I was purely just blown away by your musicianship. Songwriting is definitely the most important part of the whole process, and you have it in spades. And your singing…wow. Expressive, just the right amount of everything and simply fantastic.

    You’ve made me a jealous man.

    2) I’ve just released an EP of demos I’m working on for a solo project – something more acoustic than what I usually do. ( My aim is to write at least one song a week, pick and arrange the best and then record a full length album. Once I get some drum tracks sent to me I’m going to re-track the guitars and vocals (and probably bass when my bass player returns!) to my band’s album we’ve been doing (long story short, tracked 8 songs in 2 days, no pre production. Disaster) and then mix it myself. Should be done by Christmas.

    I also have my epic 2-part concept album which has been in the works (writing wise) on and off for 5 years now, and this year I recorded the whole thing in scratch format. Lots of arranging left to do, and as my most self indulgent offering alongside many other projects it tends to be a ‘spare time’ deal. Its one I want to do properly though, so I want to make sure I have my room treated, I have the right mics and possibly have the drums recorded by a pro at a studio. All this takes money though…so its pushed aside for now. Its very personal to me though, so if I was to ever do it, I’d damn well do it to the highest degree of quality that I can afford.

  • Taylor810ce

    1. if I have to pick a favorite it is “No Time” because it is more of my groove but “Treading Water” will always have a special place in my heart having followed Joe’s recording and editing of it with the first HSC club.

    2. I am still working on my HSC club project song and having fun with some remix contests on

  • David

    1. Home! Stunning song.

    2. I’m a new Mac owner, so my current project is a cover i’m working on w/2 buddies. It’s an excuse to teach myself a new recording platform, as well as more experience with mixing.

  • Alkis

    1. I’ve listened to the pre-release LOTS of times in my car during a small trip I’m doing every day this week (more than 50 times for sure – in repeat mode). It’s a difficult decision, but I guess I’ll go with Home. I absolutely love the mix and the recording of the guitar sounds very natural and has a discrete “roomy” element to it that I like. The music fits my taste a lot and I feel a strong connection to the lyrics. I like the other two songs almost as much, though, and I’m obsessed with some specific points in the songs, whose melody&lyrics combination I find amazing, e.g. in No Time “[…]5 by plane if I don’t get stuck in Cincinnati.”, or “[…]this apartment isn’t, this town isn’t, these streets are not my home..[…]”. AWESOME, well done!

    2. I’m currently more focused on material for the band I’m playing with, called “papertigerr”. We believe we will have a DIY Demo EP ready by next spring.

  • Cush

    Favorite song was definitely Change. Loved the lyrics in that one, and it roooocks.

    On the 16th of October I booked time to start recording drums for the EP (5 songs) that I’ve been working on for about 2 years now. Cool thing is I’m running the sessions, so I get the studio for half price. Now excuse me, I have to go write songs hah.

    • Congrats, Cush! My wife randomly picked two numbers from the 33 comments I’ve gotten on this post, and yours was one of the ones picked!! I’ll be emailing you your free download of the album in just a few minutes.

  • Hi, Joe.

    1. My favorite song is ‘No Time’, but I also loved ‘Treading Water’.

    2. I’m recording a 12 songs album for my tribute band. Due to agenda problems, probably it will be finished only by early 2011.

  • Alexander Grüner

    Hey Joe.

    – My favourite Song is “No Time” ! The Guitar-Riff is very great! I Love it! But also great is the smoothie sound of “home”. I must say I Love your music and I wnat to listen to more music from you.

    – At the Moment I’m working on an Christmas CD from my Bigband. On the CD are 12 Songs. All Instrument are recordet. Now I’m mixing this and then the Vocals being recordet…

    Sorry for the bad English. Bit very very much greeting from Erfurt in Germany!

    I Love your Music.


  • 1. My favorite song is “No Time,” for the combination of thoughtful songwriting and an excellent, subdued mix.

    2. Right now I’m working on an EP for my parents to celebrate their 25th anniversary. It will be finished in November (because I have lots of overnight call in September & October!) I still have one more song to write for it, and if anyone has any good suggestions for cover songs about fathers, I’d appreciate them!