We are only 2 weeks out from the first ever Simply Recording Academy, a recording and mixing workshop designed for real home studio people who want to get better at what they do, fast! Audio blogger Joe Gilder and myself are teaming up to do something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time, get to train some of you in person! This 2 day workshop will allow us to sit down in a home studio with YOU and show the ins and outs of recording a live band and mixing their tracks to perfection.

The Facts

When – Friday, Sept 30th – Saturday, Oct 1st
Where – Nashville, TN, USA
What – 2 days of recording a live band, editing and mixing their tracks. Hands on training, breakout sessions, Q&A, etc!

Best Time Of Your Life

Not only that, we’re giving away free gear to the students! Literally right now I’m sitting in my studio looking across the room at a brand new Mbox 3 with Pro Tools 9 ready to hand to one of you guys for free! Thanks to our sponsors just about everyone who attends will win some free gear! Sweetness! And to top it all off, we’ll be hanging out and having fun for a weekend. Can’t beat chilling in a studio with some cool cats, investing in your skill, laughing, having fun, and walking away with free gear.

Come For Free!

That being said, we want to give someone out there a FREE SEAT to this workshop. The tuition price is about to go up this week but we’re giving you a chance to grab your spot at no charge. How to enter? It’s simple. Write a comment below on this post telling us why you want to be there. Be specific. Tell us what you hope to accomplish with the knowledge and skills you’ll gain from coming. You have until Thursday night at midnight EST to enter and a winner will be picked this Friday (9/16).

One final caveat: please only enter if you can actually attend. Don’t just enter to enter. Someone will win a free seat, so be courteous and only enter if you truly want to and are available to come! Thanks!

  • Thanks for all the comments, everyone. We have selected the winner, etc. You have been notified. Thanks!

  • Adamcole

    But seriously, I’m 28. Been playing and performing since I was a lot smaller. Grew up in a mining town in the cold north of england. Did music at college and uni, got my degree, been a performing musician in bands and solo ever since. Had the pleasure of stumbling over this site when Joe was just starting up. Went through the 1st Production Club and learned more in those weeks that in 5 years at college! Hung round ever since subscribing to whatever I can afford that Joe promotes. Spent all my money on my home studio which I’ve built up over the last 5 years, spent just shy of £5000 a piece at a time n finally feel I have everything I need to get started recording my new band over the winter, so some one to one skills on how to record would be AMAZING. I owe Joe a lot and if anything I should pay him for his services…but that’d be expensive and I can’t afford that AND a ticket to Nashville at the moment…help a guy out? 

  • Adamcole

    If I won it would be really great, cos I like music n that. But I like holidays more! And its a long flight from UK

  • Dcmusic2142

    I am Daniel I have emailed you on a few different occasions. Have recently found your site and I have to say your knowledge is greatly appreciated. I am 25 and recently put together a home studio where I can’t begin to describe the passion I have for recording. This being said I am looking to learn a lot more as far as mixing and recording. I have been recording less than a year and I am getting great feed back. But at the same time I do not feel I am at the level I want to be. It would be greatly appreciated.

    “Life’s Too Short Not To Live a Dream” 

    Daniel Case

  • Hi Joe

    I’m 42, married for 25yrs with 3 kids.

    I’m at a crossroads. I currently work full time as a computer consultant in the DC area but I need to make a decision at this stage in my life. Continue my life on the boring path that I’m currently following or make that fateful decision to change the course of my life and follow the passion that has been burning inside of me since I was child.

    I’ve known that I’ve been destined to do something in music all my life but have never been able to determine where I fit into this exciting world. I’ve played in my share of bands over the years. From top 40 cover bands to 80s tributes. I even had the opportunity to play with a German pop band for a short stint while living in Munich.

    I decided to try recording music back in the mid 90s. I ran up a credit card buying ADATs, Mixers, FX, and other gear. I started recording a few songs and I fell in love. But I soon found that I couldn’t afford the payments on the credit card and had to sell it all. I was crushed.

    Years go by and recently found myself in the position to start building up my gear again and start recording. I’ve been honing my skills for almost a year.. reading yours and Graham’s blogs, buying all of your videos to continue learning. Your guys videos and blogs have had such an impact on my life that I hurry home from work to get into my studio to work on anything. I feel totally at peace in front of my gear and I’m almost ready to make that giant leap from my dull 9-5 to opening up my studio to record local artists and bands… I just need the experience behind the board to garner my confidence to know I can do it.

    Your Recording Academy would be SO perfect for me to gain that experience and build my confidence and CHANGE MY LIFE FOREVER!  Plus it would be totally great to hang out with you guys for a few days. I would LOVE and be MOST APPRECIATIVE of this opportunity. You guys have had such a huge impact while building my skills and this would take me to the next level and beyond.

    Thanks for listening. 🙂

    Clayton Lewis

  • Eric Jean


    I would love to participate in this training!  First, I’m self-taught as an engineer, and would love to learn first hand about achieving better separation in my mix, and recording live drums in my studio.  Second, I would love to learn more so as to better present the work of Christian songwriters and artists that I know.  Third, I would like to share my knowledge with my daughter who is very interested in music technology.  Finally, I would love to meet you (especially after you sang on my track, Let it Go) and Graham in person, as I am fans of both your blogs, podcast, and your original music!  Getting a free seat would be a great help in this difficult economy, and would help offset the cost of my wife and I flying to Nashville from D.C., and lodging in Nashville.


    Eric Jean

  • Justin Gregory

    Hi Joe, my
    name is Justin. Let me tell you a little about myself, and why you should
    consider me for the free seat. I’m twenty years old, and like you, I’ve loved
    music for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a household of music of all
    genres, and was fascinated with recording from a very young age. I remember
    recording my voice using a tape recorder when I was three years old. Even then,
    I was hooked.

    A year
    later, my parents discovered that I have perfect pitch. As a child my parents
    strived to give me opportunities to cultivate my musical gifts, including
    classical piano lessons. In high school, I discovered my voice and began
    developing my vocal skills without any formal training. In 2004, when I was in
    eighth grade, my dad made the decision to invest in some basic recording
    equipment including Pro Tools, and I faced the challenge of learning to use all
    of this with relatively little help. Back then, there weren’t all kinds of
    tutorials and helpful sites on the Internet like HSC, so I relied heavily on
    experimentation (and a few outdated books on the subject).

    Today, I’m excited
    to have so many resources at my disposal to point me in the right direction as
    I continue to learn and record my own music (as well as my dad’s and brother’s
    songs). My dream is to become a renowned producer like my heroes George Martin,
    Rick Rubin, Dr. Luke, and will.i.am, just to name a few. I realize that’s
    setting the bar pretty high, but I’m completely determined to do whatever it
    takes to get there. It’s hard to say how many hours of sleep I’ve lost in our
    home studio when I should have been doing homework for my college classes. To
    pay my way through college, I’m working a couple of jobs right now (including a
    DJ gig). Money is tight, and when I first heard about the Simply Recording
    Academy, I pretty much ruled it out for that reason. It would be awesome to
    attend this workshop, and if selected for the free seat, this would be a
    long-awaited opportunity for me to get hands-on training and interaction with
    seasoned producers and engineers. Thanks for your consideration!

  • Michael Hoyle

    a seat at the Simply Recording Academy right now would be perfect
    timing for me. I’ve been enthusiastic about recording for years, but it
    has just recently become far more important in my life. I am an
    undergraduate Duke student, and I just began working as a sound engineer
    and producer at our student-run studio. I also began an independent
    study this semester where I will be expected to record and produce a
    number of original songs, something I’ve had little successful
    experience with in the past. I’m struggling to keep up with the demands
    of these tasks with my purely self-taught mixing knowledge and lack of
    any real equipment. This opportunity will really give me a chance to
    improve my skills at my job, help me produce music of my own that I am
    more proud of, and give my life’s passion a jump-start.
    it has been for so many other commenters, this website has been a huge
    help to me in getting started with mixing my own music; although — as
    anyone in music knows — online tips are no substitute for hands-on
    teaching. Unfortunately I don’t have even have enough money at the
    moment to buy decent monitoring headphones, let alone enough to get the
    lessons that I need to really develop my skills productively. If I am
    given the opportunity to attend this workshop, I will finally feel like I
    have the tools and resources (both physically and mentally) necessary
    to complete an album of my own music for the first time. Not only would I
    go about creating new tracks in a more professional way, but I would be
    able to visit all of my older projects where I never felt fully
    satisfied with what I had put together. This isn’t about learning to
    have a good ear or improving my musical creativity, I just want to
    improve my producing skills enough to adequately represent my musical
    ideas. This is my passion, and I would forever be thankful to you if you
    chose me to take a seat at the Simply Recording Academy.


  • I’d love to go because I want to see people work who know what they’re doing. I want to make the mistakes that will help get me closer to the sound that I want. I’ve written music for a long time and I’ve recorded for a long time. I know that I have a special sound in my head. I’ve just never been able to translate it to tape. If I can surround myself with people who have the same intense love of recording that I do and if I can learn some technical skills, I can make major leaps on my journey to getting to that place where I can put the sounds in my head on in other people’s ears.

  • Anonymous

    I want to learn and be in a real studio and see how other
    people work and hear what you have to teach me about the things I love. I want
    to experiment and be taught how to use high quality equipment and practice
    proper techniques and learn all about your secret ninja DAW tricks. I want to
    know how to layer and produce and mix and master and track and mic everything I
    encounter. I want to ask about your life and your experiences. I want to see Nashville and record
    proper musicians in a truly musical city. I hope to return to Delaware and improve my local musician
    community by passing on the knowledge that I will learn while with you.

  • Angel

    Music for me is so much more than just a hobbie, its my passion. Through music I am able to express feelings and thoughts that words just simply cant describe.  And its been a life long dream for me to be able to do something with it and build my own recording studio eventually. What better carrer for one to have than to be working doing what you love most? So little by little I’ve acquired some recording gear and without any schooling (would love to do it but I simply just cant afford it) I began teaching myself about the recording process through trial and error, surfing the internet, and through homestudiocorner.com I admit that I’ve spent many frustrating nights scratching my head and wondering how the heck to achive a certain sound that I can hear in my head but I cant put my finger on how to going abouts to actually achieving it. I’m a rookie when it comes to being an audio engineer and here where I live, I dont know of any recording studios where I can go to and even volunteer my time just to have the opportunity to being in a recording environment and learn from someone who knows what theyre doing. And here comes this once in a lifetime opportunity which to me is an answer to my prayers…Simply Recording Academy. Id love to attend and if I can afford it believe me, id be the first to sign up for it. I pray that Im chosen as the lucky winner of the free seat to this once in a lifetime opportunity because through the knowledge and experience that I will acquire from attending I can learn more about the recording industry, techniques on mic placement, editing, mastering, using plugins, etc. Attending Simply Recording Academy will take me 100 steps closer to fulfilling my dream of having my own recording studio and being able to produce my own album just like Joe Gilder has.

  • Raul Silva

    I started recording about a year ago and went from an Olympus LS-11 and using Audacity to finally getting Pro Tools M-Audio 8. The learning curve had been steep but by purchasing video tutorials, and going on websites like Home Studio Corner and The Recording Revolution, I have been steadily making progress and have recorded a few of my original songs with a Contemporary Christian band called One Accord-Music For The
    Soul here in San Antonio TX. My goal is
    is be able to record and mix our original material and make it available on CD’s and on the web in order to share our positive message. To attend a real live recording clinic taught by two accomplished and multi-talented
    musicians and recording engineers whose work I admire is such an awesome learning opportunity that, if I could afford it, would be first in line to get in. Thank you for this chance.
    -Raul Silva

  • Purecountry70

    I’am a selftaught Recording engineer, and I’ve worked so hard at learning the buisness Of Recording, Music has been my life for 38 years, and I would love this workshop very much, it means the world to me. actually it would be my first real workshop, and meeting people in the buisness would mean alot  Bill McDonald

  • Andrew Shook

    I was laid off last August and have been staying at home with our 16 month old son while my wife teaches since that time. Due to the circumstances we can’t afford to pay for me to come. I would love to use this unexpected change in life to hone my craft and maybe be able to make at least a little extra money to help out one day. I love what you guys are doing to help out us “little fish” in the recording industry! 🙂 thanks! -Andrew Shook

  • xenaphon8

    I would love to have this opportunity to record with true professionals. As a drummer who could never find the right band I would love to become the right recording engineer. My life is in need of a change an h=this come be my ticket. Ooo, pick me! Ooo, ooo, pick me!!!