I just got back from the NAMM show out in California. It was a fun time. I got to meet some great folks and hang out with new and old friends.

I attended a talk by big-time drummer Kenny Aronoff. He’s quite a character, super entertaining. He was talking about some of the keys to his loooong successful career in the business. One thing he said was:

0 + 0 = 0

A few times at NAMM I heard successful folks acknowledge that luck was a part of their success, but they were quick to say that the luck was in the opportunity that presented itself to them. What set them apart was that they were prepared for that moment when it arrived.

So when Kenny said, “0 + 0 = 0,” he meant that very few things in life simply happen to us. If you don’t take action and make efforts towards whatever goals or dreams you have, you won’t get there. If you do nothing, nothing is likely what you’ll get.

So many people see successful people like Kenny and think to themselves, “Golly, what a lucky guy.” And there’s certainly some truth to that. Kenny couldn’t control what opportunities came his way, but he COULD control how prepared he was for them, and it paid off handsomely for him.

Work ethic, luck, talent, networking…they all play a role in whether we get to do something we really want to do or not. Some of them we have control over, some of them we don’t, but one thing is for sure: if you do nothing, that’s what you’ll get.

So…what are you going to DO this year? Hmm? Seriously. I’d like to know. Leave a comment below with your answer.

For me, I want to meet more people and make more music.

In January I met a bunch of new people at NAMM. In February, I’m going to record and release a new EP.

Yup. I’m gonna release a new EP in February, and then again in May, August, and November. It’s a bunch of “EP Challenges,” where I will give myself the major restriction of getting everything done in one single month.

I don’t know about you, but that fires me up.

Do you want to join me? Pick something you want to do in February, whether it’s record and release a single, mix ONE song, or produce a whole album…you pick.

If you want to see the behind-the-scenes process as I make this EP AND join others in athe challenge, consider joining my VIP membership.

My VIPers are doing these challenges and getting shocking results. They’re DOING. They’re making things happen. And they’re not doing it alone. They’ve got a community of folks around them, and I’m right in there with ‘em, working hard to make good music.

What do you say? Wanna join us? Click here to sign up:


Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

  • Greg Lynes

    What you are saying here has been said in an old saying that I think puts it it in capsulated form – “success is where preparation meets opportunity”

  • Jerod Miller

    Releasing a single in March, then part one of my album in April, then part two a few weeks later.
    Also, taking up a local theater drumming gig. Godspell! It’s gonna be fun.
    And lastly going to talk to some local jazz musicians who play where I am. They kind of need a drummer!

  • Gabe Miller

    My biggest goal is to survive another semester of college (physics, math, etc), and that does have to take priority.
    In the music world, though, my goals are to finish an album, find ways to carve out my own lane in terms of musical style and what I’m doing on my YouTube channel, and get more efficient.

  • JackDo

    I will release an 3-4 Track Ep each season of this year, maybe group them together to an album at the end of the year.

  • Cody

    I’d also argue that the people who spend more time working hard and being prepared for those opportunities will end up creating more of those opportunities for themselves. If you’re writing songs, performing, putting music out there, it’s much more likely that a related opportunity will come to you than if you’re in your bedroom talking about how you’re going to start writing, performing, recording, etc…

    If you get up and walk down the hall, you have the potential to see more doors in front of you than if you never leave your room.

    For goals this year I plan on completing an album with 12-15 songs on it. I have over 20 ideas (some full songs, some riffs) that I’m going to pull from. I’d also like to get at least 5 clients to mix. Even if it’s just initial free mixes for them.

  • Andrew MacDonald

    Produce more by setting deadlines. Make goals I can realistically achieve, like releasing an EP, or two. I have a few songs ready to go but more to work on. Might not be the next top 100, but, 0+0=0!

  • Goals this year? Get accomplished @ home studio product (with the help of your online courses Joe) and produce my first set of songs

  • Rod Sanders

    I plan on have 2 gospel concerts this year release an single and record an ep

  • jamsden

    I’ll have my first grandson this year – that’s going to get priority. Musically I want to contribute to my band’s desire to replace one set with new songs. This is my second year with the band, and we’re now ready to move to the next level. We’re also going to shift rehearsal to all digital and headphones: MIDI drums and Logic DrumKits, the whole band in Logic Pro X, S-Gear for guitar amps, Cerberus for the bass amp, Logic software instruments for keyboards. This is exciting because the loosing rehearsal space is the killer for most bands. This allows us to rehearse almost anywhere, anytime.

    Finally I’ve already started a series of recording projects for my acoustic band No Worries so we can capture Richard Bowden’s original songs. I’m also doing recording sessions for my good friend Brian who is no longer able to play out due to injury and illness. I want to help him capture recordings of his love and fellowship expressed through music so he can capture and keep some of what he once was.

  • Darcy

    Gonna stick this math problem on my fridge right now! Woohoo!