I’ve got this pet peeve.

I don’t like when people state their own opinion as fact, and then build their entire argument around that so-called “fact.”

Here’s one that — if you buy into it — will cause a lot of harm to yourself and even your would-be clients.

Here it is:

“People don’t buy music anymore.”

There are plenty of variations on this, like:

“Music wants to be free.”

“The only way to make money in music is from concerts.”

“The music industry is dead.”

I just don’t buy it. Here’s why.

Five years ago, if I did a survey that said: “I’m going to start a website where I teach people about recording and mixing, and I’m going to sell them tutorial videos and memberships.” …what do you think the typical response would be?

I would get SOME positive responses, but the majority of people (I believe) would say things like:

* YouTube is free, therefore no one will buy what you’re selling.
* People don’t pay for tutorials/education.
* It’s a nice thought, but it won’t work.

Now, what if I had listened to those responses and said, “You know what? You’re right. It won’t work.” ? Home Studio Corner wouldn’t exist.

As it turns out, Home Studio Corner has developed into a real-life BUSINESS that has supported me and my family for several years.

Were the skeptics wrong? No, not completely. SOME people won’t buy music. SOME people won’t pay for tutorial videos. Of the millions of people who have come across my content over the years, only a few thousand have actually paid me for anything, but that is more than enough to create a successful, growing, thriving business.

And it’s those same business principles that can apply to you and your music.

If you buy into the whole “You can’t sell music anymore” mantra, you need to attend the free webinar we’re doing this Thursday night at 8pm Central Time.

No, I haven’t made my living selling music, but I HAVE made my living selling a digital product in a world where “everyone” supposedly demands that “everything” be free. And I think my unique experience can help you figure out a way to better market your music (or your client’s music) in a way that actually gets results and makes a few bucks.

Register here:


Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

P.S. Yes, there will be a replay of the webinar, but only for those who register, so even if you can’t make it Thursday night, make sure you register.