Hidey ho, neighbor.

You’ve heard me talk before about how good limitations can be for you. Having boundaries can actually ENHANCE your creativity.

Well, maybe you don’t believe me. Or maybe you simply haven’t given it a try yet.

Here are some suggestions for you. 10 ways to limit yourself…and make yourself better…all at the same time.

1. Set a timer for one hour and mix an entire song during that time.

2. Record and entire song using the same microphone on every instrument (preferably a “cheap” mic, like an SM57).

3. Mix a song using ONLY EQ and no other effects.

4. Finish a mix entirely in mono.

5. Mix a song using only stock plugins.

6. Mix a song on really crappy speakers/headphones.

7. Record something in a “regular” room without acoustic treatment.

8. Using your DAW as a mixer, record several musicians, mixing them all down to a stereo audio track (no multi-track recording).

9. Record a musician with a really old/cheap instrument. (And try to make it sound great.)

10. Commit to finishing something this weekend and posting it online by Monday morning.

There you have it. Just pick the one that tickles your fancy and GO FOR IT.

And feel the creativity flow like the mighty Mississippi…

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