A while back I wrote about 5 of my Favorite Ways to Use Compression.

Today I want to add 11 more items to that list.

These are ALL things you can do with a SINGLE compressor.

You can:

  1. Add punch
  2. Take away punch
  3. Add sustain
  4. “Fix” inconsistent performances
  5. Bring something to the front of the mix.
  6. Push something to the back of the mix.
  7. “Dirty up” a clean recording.
  8. Add character.
  9. Add snap.
  10. Take away snap.
  11. “Glue” a mix together.

As you can see, compression is an insanely versatile tool. And you can use the same, simple, stock compressor that came with your recording software to do all of the cool stuff listed above.

It’s all about how you tweak the settings.

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