As I’ve mentioned before, yesterday was my big tracking session for my upcoming album.

We recorded drums, bass, some electric guitar and some keyboards.

It. Was. Awesome.

I’ve never recorded drums at my place before. I always go somewhere else, but this time I wanted to do it all in-house. I also wanted to track multiple musicians at once, so we could figure out the vibe/feel for each song.

Joel helped me set up mics the day before. Tim came and set up his drums the night before. We decided we’d start getting sounds at 8 am and hopefully start tracking at 9.

We got levels, recorded a few practice takes, and the drums sounded incredible. We literally didn’t move any of the mics. Everything just sounded…right.

So we dialed in bass tone, did a little troubleshooting on some noise problems, and started recording a little after 9.

We went out for tacos for about an hour around noon and finished the 11th song around 3:30. So that’s 11 songs in under 6 hours. That’s what happens when you combine good preparation (having charts, demos, and scratch tracks available beforehand) and good musicians (we recorded some songs in one take).

Am I telling you all this to brag? Not at all. I’m just excited. I had a lot of fear going into yesterday. What if everything sounds like garbage? What if we can only get half the songs recorded? What if I can’t get the headphone mixes to work properly?

Thankfully those fears didn’t stop me from going through with the session. We had a blast and created some good music.

Are the performances perfect? Nope. Especially the guitarist/keyboardist (AKA yours truly). That dude was all over the place. But the vibe was awesome. Drums and bass were awesome.

Last week I posted a video in the VIP members area about preparing the charts for this session. This week (on Friday), I’ll be giving VIPers a sneak peak at some of the tracks we recorded, and I’ll elaborate on the recording process, too.

You won’t want to miss it.

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Joe Gilder
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P.S. If you want to hire Tim or Joel to play on your music, they both do online collaboration stuff. Just send ‘em an mp3 with a tempo, and they’ll send you back a whole bunch of awesome.

Tim (drums):

Joel (bass):

P.P.S. Shout out to VIP member Dan Alber who assisted the entire session. He made life SO much easier.