If you’re still on the fence about signing up for Understanding Mixing, here are 16 things you’ll learn just in the eBook you get when you sign up.

(That’s not including all the awesome video content I’ll be sending your way, walking you through a mix from start to finish.)

You’ll learn:

  1. The not-so-secret formula for mixing success. (Why a seemingly insurmountable standard is good news for you and your mixes.)
  2. The dreaded, fighting R-word. (How to battle it to get more done in less time.)
  3. The single most overlooked key to a great mix. (And how it has almost nothing to do with mixing.)
  4. The cure for “Dead Mix Walking” disease. (Why this simple change in your workflow can rescue dying mixes.)
  5. A simple step to a better-balanced mix. (And why it’s so much more important than people like to admit.)
  6. A seemingly boring way to dramatically transform your mixes with a single push of a button. (Why and how you can get better mixes by making it harder on yourself.)
  7. A Boostaholic’s dream and a mix’s worst nightmare. (The “right” way to use EQ that gets wildly better results.)
  8. Why compression isn’t really about volume and dynamics. (And how to use it to make a big impact on the tone of your mixes.)
  9. A backwards way of mixing. (This will cause your mixes to come together faster and with fewer plugins.)
  10. The biggest enemy of your mixes. (And how to completely eliminate it forever.)
  11. Why imperfection rocks. (And how to use it to get dramatically better-sounding mixes.)
  12. The insecurity “cure.” (It’s so simple you probably won’t even try it.)
  13. 2 huge mistakes that me completely transformed my mixing. (You can learn from my mistakes and hopefully avoid them altogether.)
  14. How to start your mix. (Skip this step at your own risk.)
  15. The one mixing tool you can’t live without. (It’s not what you think.)
  16. The one button you should avoid like the plague. (And how it hurts your mix instead of helps it.)

…and a lot more.

The introductory $50 discount goes away on Monday night.

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