Back on New Year’s Day I wrote a post about setting goals, and I also released my latest free eBook, Roadmap to Finishing Your Album. If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, just sign up to my newsletter, and it’s yours.

In that post I talked a lot about setting deadlines for yourself, and how these deadlines will push you to get specific things accomplished.

Well, I’d like to share with you my progress thus far. See above picture. Yeah, I missed a couple deadlines. So why am I showing you this? Because if I hadn’t set those deadlines, I’d be much further behind than I am.

Having those deadlines sitting there staring at me made me get up and get things done. They made me call my brother-in-law and schedule a time for him to record all the bass parts with me. (He also promptly made fun of me for the missed deadlines in the picture…thanks Joel.)

So…how are YOU doing?

Like I said, I may have missed a few deadlines, but I’ve made a LOT of progress on my album. The songs are coming together really nicely, and they’re sounding great. I have just a handful of things left to record, then it’s on to mixing.

Will I finish by the end of this month? We’ll see…we’ll see…but I’m sure gonna try. 😉

Your turn. How are things progressing? Are you closer to your goals? Did you set any? Leave a comment.