I own a piece of gear that is 25 years old, and it still works.

Granted, it’s ugly, and I’ve had to have some work done on it from time to time, but it still works juuuuuust fine.

What is it?

The HVAC unit on my house. (Haha. Gotcha.)

See, we’re planning to move into a bigger house in a few months, so we’re getting ready to put our house on the market. And that means getting the HVAC unit checked out.

I knew it was old, but I just found out that it was made in 1988.


(The guy who installed it was probably listening to “Groovy Kind of Love” while he worked.)

But you know what?

As ugly as this HVAC is, the dang thing still works. And we’ve never had a reason to replace it. Sure, we could drop a few thousand dollars and get something with all sorts of fancy new features…but that just doesn’t make sense.

What’s the old HVAC in your studio?

What piece of gear (maybe a computer? software?) do you own that’s old and ugly but gets the job done?

Just because there’s a newer, better option out there does not (I repeat, does NOT) mean that you need to have it.

I was just reading an online product review for a particular piece of gear, and the writer said that he had used a Digi 002 for nine years before upgrading.

Nine years!

That is ANCIENT in the music technology world.

But I bet that guy made a TON of great recordings in that time.

I bet he didn’t get buy into the whole “upgrade craze.”

He just went back to his studio and put out another song, and another, and another.

Question for you. Are you holding off on making music with the gear you own RIGHT NOW? Are you waiting until you get all the right pieces?

Snap out of it.

Grow up.

Make some music.

Consider this your much-needed kick in the pants.

Oh, and speaking of pants-kicking, next month’s tracks for Dueling Mixes awesome. Great tracks from quality players.

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