When I first got serious about mixing, I quickly realized something.

This stuff’s hard.

I would listen to the radio and say to myself, “I can mix like that.”

Then I’d listen to one of my latest mixes, and the excuses and disclaimers would flow like water from a fire hose.

Here are three of my biggest mixing nightmares.

Maybe you suffer from a few of these as well?

Mixing Nightmare #1 – THE MUDDY MIX

This was the first one to rear its ugly head. I’d be mixing along, feeling good about things, and then I’d realize the mix sounded like somebody threw a blanket over it.

I would get a headache just listening to it.

Clarity and punch were nowhere to be found. All I could hear was MUD…no matter what I tried.

Mixing Nightmare #2 – THE HARSH MIX

Once I realized that the low-mids were the source of a lot of my woes in Nightmare #1, I over-compensated.

A dreadful fear of putting out anything that could be remotely considered muddy caused me to remove any semblance of warmth.

The result? Harsh, painful mixes.

Mixing Nightmare #3 – THE UNFINISHED MIX

This is the biggie, the one that will forever haunt your studio if you don’t get a handle on it TODAY.

There is no mix as bad as an unfinished one.

If you…

1. start lots of mixes and never finish them


2. spend all your time tweaking one mix for countless hours

…the solution is simple:


There is literally no better cure for what ails your mixes than to finish a bunch of ‘em. The people who don’t believe me are the people who haven’t tried it yet.

We can help you learn exactly how to do that here:


Joe Gilder
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