So I turned 30 a week ago.

Yeah, that happened.

I’m officially an old fart.

I ended up taking the week off last thing from almost all HSC-related activities. I needed a break, and I wanted to work on my album.

But also, I was in a bit of a funk. I don’t know if turning 30 had anything to do with it (I suspect it might have), but I wanted to take a break from work and focus on creativity for a bit.

I’m glad I did.

Do you ever get into a “funk” in your home studio?

Yeah, me too. (It took me 2 weeks to make any progress on my album after the initial tracking session.)

I was reading a great book by a guy named Ken McCarthy recently. He proposed three questions to help break you out of your productivity funk.

Here they are:

* What’s working?

* What’s missing?

* What’s next?

It may seem super simple, but those six words pack a pretty big punch. If you find yourself spinning your wheels in your studio, ask yourself these questions.

Maybe it’ll go like this:

“What’s working? Well, I’ve got a good ear for mixing. I know what I want the final mix of this song to sound like. I can almost hear it in my head.

What’s missing? I can’t seem to make the mix in my head come out of the speakers, no matter what I try. So I haven’t tried in a loooong time. I could use more reps, more practice…and maybe some guidance.

What’s next? Maybe I need to finally join Dueling Mixes. I’ve been avoiding it for a while. I’m afraid it won’t really make me better, but I’m not getting better on my own, so I really have nothing to lose.

Maybe I’ll give it a shot.”

If that’s you, click here:

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