Chances are you’ve picked up on my “mild obsession” with setting time limits.

The naysayers tell me alllll about how you can’t rush art, that giving yourself constraints only hinders the creative process and makes you produce subpar material.

My response?


Sadly, they can’t. They have nice theories, but that’s all. They can’t prove any of them because they don’t TRY any of them. They’re thinkers, not doers.

I’ve never created anything by thinking, only by doing.

Forcing myself to work under strict time constraints unleashes a huge flood of creativity that causes something magical to happen.

Like the 15-minute mix I did for my VIP members recently; I challenged the VIPers to join me, to try to finish a mix in only 15 minutes.

There’s no way you could get anything good in such a short amount of time, right?

Check out Gabe’s comment after completing the challenge:

“I didn’t find it stressful at all, quite the opposite. I was really focused, and had more fun mixing a song than I’ve had in a while…I may need to make this part of my normal mixing workflow, it was that helpful.”

By doing this silly little exercise, Gabe discovered that by limiting how much time you spend on a task, you force yourself to get better.

You experience:

1. FREEDOM (Gabe wasn’t stressed out. He was free to just MIX.)

2. FOCUS (When you’re up against the clock, your brain automatically hones in on the important stuff and ignores the rest.)

3. FUN (It’s a BLAST to see what you can accomplish.)

And what about the work itself?

Is it still good?

Guess you’ll have to find out for yourself.

You can start by watching and listening to my 15-minute mix, as a brand new VIPer:

Joe Gilder
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