A while back, one of my VIP members was asking some questions about delay in the VIP members forum.

I ended up posting a few delay tips for him, and I thought I’d share ’em with you here on the blog.

Here are 4 quick delay tips…

Roll off the high end.

Delays (and even reverbs) normally sound better if they don’t have a lot of high end, especially the sibilance in the vocals.

I’ll normally roll off above 5k or maybe even lower.

Use distortion.

A tiny bit of distortion on the delay can create a very nice-sounding delay…it almost sounds like an old-school tape delay.

Sync to session tempo.

If you’re not wanting a standard slap-back delay, then make sure to sync the delay up to your session tempo, then play around with making the delay a 1/4 note, 1/2 note…or maybe a dotted 1/4 or even a triplet 1/4.

Lots of interesting options here.

Make it stereo.

As mentioned above, if you want to make the delay stereo, select the delay amount you want in the step above, THEN manually adjust the time of one of the delays (left or right).

Make it 10-50ms different, then listen to the nice, wide image!

These tricks may not always work, but if the delay isn’t quite working for you, try one (or two…or all) of the tips above, and you’ll probably find something that works really well.

What about you? Got any fun delay tricks for us? Leave a comment below!

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