Got this awesome email from Peter, one of my Understanding EQ customers

Check it out:

“The whole issue of time was an enormous obstacle for me…and getting together with other musicians to collaborate on projects. So this may be a useful tip for some people.

What I did was to take the randomness out of it. I started by doing a deal with my wife, every second Sunday is totally dedicated for me and my studio.

That doesn’t sound much I know, but a few things happened:

  1. My wife could plan her own outings with family and/or friends on those days (she is actually accomplishing more). Win/win.
  2. My musician friends could actually schedule the day in advance. They all know its an all-day thing at my place, and they know what days.
  3. I could plan ahead and actually maximize studio time by knowing what the heck I was doing before I went in and did it, therefore improving the efficiency of the time that I had in the studio.
  4. I now can set timelines for projects and can produce to certain deadlines.

Anytime that I have on top of that scheduled time is a bonus. So it’s not like I only work in my studio on those particular Sundays, it is just that those days are completely dedicated.

That and producing a song in an hour (albeit usually just guitar,vox and some simple rhythm track), which we have discussed, has greatly improved my recording experience.



Love, love, LOVE that.

He’s dedicating ONE day per month to recording. That’s it.

12 days per year.

And I bet he gets more done this year than most people.

Heck, even Peter said that one day a month “doesn’t sound like much,” but you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish in one HOUR, much less one DAY.

(If you don’t believe me, check out the 1-Hour Challenge I did for my VIP members over at:

One song. One mic. One hour. It turned out really awesome.)

It’s all about getting in there and getting things done.

Kudos to you, Peter, for making it happen.

Now, for the rest of you, can you find time to work on music?