It’s that time of year when most people like to reflect on the past 12 months and evaluate their lives.

Sadly, you may have accomplished far less during the year than you’d hoped.

Maybe you wanted to release an album, or gain some serious confidence in your recording and mixing skills, but life got in the way.

Man, I’ve been there.

It’s disappointing.


(And it makes me want to eat as much Chex Mix as humanly possible…and then set a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.)

But that doesn’t have to be your story.

I did some reflecting on 2013 with my buddy Graham Cochrane yesterday. And we each came up with two big lessons.

Lessons that have helped us accomplish a lot of BIG things this year.

If you apply them to your mixes (and your life), you’ll find yourself accomplishing more, almost instantly.

We recorded our four big lessons for you on the latest episode of the Simply Recording Podcast.

Each lesson has a similar theme: simplicity.

If you can learn to simplify your life and your focus, 12 months from now you’ll be marvelling at how much you accomplished in 2014 — how many mixes you did, how many songs you wrote, how many projects you finished.

Graham and I both have tutorial products and memberships you can buy to help you get better, but today we recommend simply listening to the podcast:

It’s free, and it will help you begin to focus on what YOU want to accomplish in 2014.

After you figure that out, we’re here to help.

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

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