Today I’m gonna share with you something that could literally transform your mixes.

It’s something I learned from my good buddy Graham Cochrane (who co-runs Dueling Mixes with me).

It’s what Graham calls the “4-Step Listening Check.”

When you’re nearing the end of your mix, put the mouse down and just sit there and listen to your mix, using the following “methods.”

  1. The Low-Level Listen
  2. The Cheap Speaker Listen (Or as I like to call it, “The Crappy Speaker Listen”)
  3. The Tiny Headphone Listen
  4. The Open Door Listen

I used this checklist just this morning, and it worked like a charm.

Graham and I discuss these in detail on the latest episode of the Simply Recording Podcast. Find out why it works so well here:

And while you’re listening, make sure you sign up for Dueling Mixes. We’re just a couple days away from releasing all new tracks for you to listen. It’s the perfect place to practice your mixing (and listening) skills.

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Buh-bye for now,

Joe Gilder
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