Obstacle. Roadblock. Hurdle. Challenge.

Whatever word you choose, we all have them, particularly in our home studios.

My goal for all the articles and videos here on HSC is to help you overcome some of these obstacles, or at least to get you moving in the right direction.

That’s why I wrote the roadmap eBook. I saw something in myself and in a lot of you. We have great intentions of finishing an album or a project, but we lack a plan of action to get it done.

Since releasing the eBook, several of you have emailed me to tell me that you now have a release date for your album. That’s awesome!!

Having a plan is certainly a challenge, but there are so many other challenging things about recording in a home studio. Perhaps you’re just dabbling in recording for the first time, and you’re completely lost. Or maybe you’ve been at this for a long time, and you’ve acquired a lot of nice gear, but you still aren’t happy with the results.

Let’s talk about it.

Free Webinar

Next Tuesday I’ll be hosting a FREE webinar called 7 Home Studio Obstacles. It will be at 7pm CST on Tuesday, February 2, 2010.

I’ve made a lot of dumb mistakes in the studio. I’ve run into all sorts of dead ends, too, and I’ve had to figure out how to get around them. Hopefully I can save you some time by sharing some of this at the webinar.

You’ll notice this webinar is NOT called 7 Super Top-Secret Recording Tricks That Have Never Been Revealed Until Now. I don’t have any secret ninja tricks for you. Sorry. I’m simply going to share with you my experience as a fellow home studio owner. I figured a lot of this stuff out on my own, and I also learned a TON from people who had gone before me. Now I’d like to help you.

If you like recording, come to the webinar. It’ll be fun.

HSC Production Club

If you’re new to Home Studio Corner, then you may not know about the HSC Production Club. This is a 12-week online training course that I launched at the end of last year. I’m having a blast with the first round of students, and I’ve managed to work out a lot of the kinks. So now it’s time to start it up again!

As a part of the webinar next Tuesday night, I will be explaining the Production Club and answering your questions. At the end of the webinar, I’ll be opening the doors, and you can sign up.

Even if you decide that the Production Club isn’t for you, there will still be a lot of value to the webinar, so come on out. I would be thrilled to have you join me. Here are the details again:

7 Home Studio Obstacles
Tuesday, February 2, 2010 at 7PM CST

Click here to register.