Do you ever stop and ask yourself WHY you enjoy recording?

Why DO you enjoy recording and music?

I bet you a dollar one of your reasons is that music is therapeutic for you. It’s just good for the soul, you know?

And being able to CREATE music makes it even more meaningful.

Well, today I don’t have a recording tip for you. I simply want you to check something out.

If you’re a VIP member, then you know I interviewed Ronan Chris Murphy earlier this month for our monthly VIP Session.

Ronan is one of my favorite recording guys.

And now I like him even more.

He put together a 99-cent eBook of a bunch of articles (REALLY good articles) he’s written over the years.

But it gets a lot better.

Ronan writes on his site:

95% of the net proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the recording program at Phoenix House, a center dedicated to helping teens with drug addiction and using music recording as a tool to help with recovery.

A recording studio…as a part of helping recovering addicts.

How fitting.

And how cool of Ronan to put this together.

If you’ve got 99 cents lying around (and who doesn’t), please go buy a copy. You can get a PDF, Nook, or Kindle version.

I bought mine yesterday.

Your turn.

Grab your copy right now before you forget at:

High five for great causes and generous people!