Have you seen those bumper stickers?

They say: igbok

I always assumed it was some hippie company that makes hiking products or something.

But I saw one up close the other day. Underneath “igbok” it said:

“It’s gonna be okay.”

Ahh…so it’s an anagram.

Feel kinda dumb for not figuring that one out sooner.

While I don’t know the story behind the bumper sticker, we should probably all get one for our studios. Maybe stick it right on our computer monitor or something.

Why? Because if you’re anything like me, there are times where you really struggle with what to do in your studio. Maybe you’re not sure what guitar part to record. Or you can’t figure out how to finish a mix you’ve been working on for a while. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to start on a new project, but you just don’t know where to begin.

The common theme is fear.

Irrational fear, to be exact.

We’re afraid that if we actually DO something, we’ll make a mistake. And if we make a mistake, it might rip a hole in the space-time continuum and send us plunging headlong into a black hole along with all the people we love.

See what I mean? Irrational.

If you finish that mix, and it sounds awful, guess what? The world doesn’t end.

You just move on to the next one. It will sound less awful, and it might even sound good.

It’s gonna be okay.

Need some help?

Take a deep breath and join Dueling Mixes:


Download the tracks, drag ‘em into your session, and start working on your mix tonight.

As Jon Acuff says, “Punch fear in the face.”

Mixing is too fun to be paralyzed by fear. Get in there and make something happen.

Joe Gilder
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