There’s a word out there that I don’t really care for.

I think it’s overused, or at least over-emphasized. (And I’m guilty of using it, too.)

The word?


I wrote the other day why I don’t think control surfaces are all that important to us home studio folks.

Boy, you should have seen the emails I got back. Some folks agree with me wholeheartedly. Others acted like I was trying to slaughter a sacred cow or something. 🙂

Here’s the deal.

Which is more important to you — how good a song sounds or how quickly you were able to finish it?

I know, I know. Your answer is “both.”

And in a perfect world, yes it would be awesome to finish a song in record time AND have it sound utterly amazing.

But down here in the real world, I pick sound quality over efficiency…every time.

Getting a great-sounding vocal track is immensely important to me.

If it takes me 2 minutes to do that in a mix, great!

If it takes me an hour…great! Because the end result — the goal — is to have a great-sounding vocal.

I’m happy either way.

Yes, I understand that time is money…blah, blah, blah…but if you’re producing QUALITY audio, everybody’s happy.

I’m all for working quickly and efficiently, but NOT at the expense of sound quality.

I’ll happily log an extra hour on a project to get it right.

I’d rather release a song that took 3 days to complete and sounds absolutely incredible than release a song in 3 hours that sounds like a train wreck.

If you focus the majority of your attention on making things sound good, your workflow WILL get faster over time.

However, it DOESN’T work the other way around.

If compression is giving you fits, slow down and take a look at this:

Joe Gilder