It’s Memorial Day here in the US. To all my military veteran subscribers, thank you for your service.

I mixed a song a few weeks ago that had (dare I say it?) too much cowbell in it.

More accurately, it was more cowbell than I would’ve liked to have in the mix. (’Tis all subjective, after all.)

“How could this be, Joseph?” you may ask.

“Can’t you just turn the cowbell down?”

Aaaaaaaand there’s the problem.

See, it wasn’t a single cowbell track. The drummer had a cowbell mounted to his drum kit, and he played the cowbell as a part of his kit. That means you could hear the cowbell on EVERY drum track in the session.

The result? You can’t listen to the drums without also listening to a bunch of cowbell.

What’s the solution? What did I do?


I accepted the fact that this mix would have a lot of cowbell in it, and I kept on mixing.

Rather than getting lost on a wild goose chase to try to remove or minimize the amount of cowbell in the recording, I was simply able to say, “Yeah, I wouldn’t have recorded it with that much cowbell, but it’s there now. I’ll just mix it.”

And I did.

And I like the mix.

Sure, it has a lot of cowbell, but that wasn’t something I could change, so I embraced it.

I embraced the cowbell.

Wanna join me? Big ol’ cowbell group hug?

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