When I was first learning to play guitar, I had this insatiable desire to learn anything and everything I could to make me a better player.

And I quickly discovered something.

Something that quite possibly changed my life.

(Had I not discovered this simple little secret, I would have likely given up on guitar. Had I given up on guitar, I would have never gotten into recording. Had I never gotten into recording, Home Studio Corner would have never existed. So yeah, it’s a pretty big deal.)

Here’s what I discovered.

While I knew what a good guitar player sounded like, I found out that merely listening to my favorite musicians didn’t help me get any better.

I couldn’t mimic their playing by simply listening to their albums. I wasn’t to that point as a musician. I hadn’t mastered the fundamentals, so I certainly hadn’t developed a good enough ear to listen to what they were playing and then play it myself. (Years later, I can do that, but not starting out.)

So what did I do?

I discovered sheet music, specifically the kind of sheet music that had included the chord diagrams for each chord of the song.

Suddenly I could see EXACTLY where the artist placed his fingers when he played that specific chord of that specific song. Then I would mimic that exact fingering and practice for hours upon hours, slowly improving.

Simply listening to my favorite guitarists did not help me become a better guitarist.

I had to study where they placed their fingers, then I copied them.

Sheet music and guitar tabs were my best friend. Without them, I’d be lost.

And you know what?

When it comes to mixing, the same exact principle is true.

You can listen to your favorite albums all day long, and it won’t help you become a better mixer, not if you don’t know the specific moves used by the mix engineer to get that sound.

That’s why Dueling Mixes exists, to give you access to exactly what you need to improve your mixes more than you ever have.


By watching how both Graham and I actually mix that month’s song. We don’t just play our mixes for you and say, “Have fun!”

No, we show you specifically how we went about mixing that song.

You learn:

  • how we EQ’d the drums

  • how we compressed the lead vocal

  • which tracks we muted

  • which effects we used

  • how we dealt with troublesome tracks

  • and much, much more…

If you’re unhappy with your mixes, then let us help you.

Just like a beginning guitarist, you need to see exactly where to place your fingers to get the best results.

That’s what we’re giving you, every month.

Better mixes are possible.

Come see for yourself:


Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner