Here’s a comment from one of my brand spankin’ new Mix With Us — — members.

Javier wrote:

“Ok, this is my very first attempt to mix anything…I did not do any compression at all.”

That’s like sweet music to my ears.

He’s new to recording and mixing, and instead of using compression all willy-nilly and messing up the mix, he decided to ditch compression altogether. He focused on simple things like level balance, panning, and EQ.

And you know what?

His mix sounds GREAT, especially for his very first mix ever.

He avoided the classic rookie blunder of overdoing things. He took the “less is more” approach to heart, and his mix sounds worlds better than my first mixes did when I was just starting out.

So often, when I’m critiquing mixes for Mix With Us members, I have to make comments like “There’s too much compression on the lead vocal.” or “There’s too much reverb on the guitars.”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with any of that, but I’d personally rather err on the side of too little than too much. (With anything — EQ, compression, number of tracks, etc.)

How about you?

Want some tracks to practice your mixing skills, followed-up by a mix critique by me?

It’s all hiding behind this link:

Joe Gilder