I received a dangerous question.

One of my readers listened to my new album that came out last weekand emailed me:

“Hey man, this sounds major league. Did you do it all in your studio? Would you mind giving a run down on your toys…mic, guitar, pre, interface?”

See what he did?

He acknowledges that the album sounds great. He’s encouraged that it was recorded entirely in a home studio.

Then it happens.

He asks what gear I used.

The gear used is not NEARLY as important as HOW I used it. The reason the album sounds the way it does is because of ME, not the gear.

That may sound arrogant, but that’s the way this works.

It’s like asking Ernest Hemingway what typewriter he used.

‘Tis irrelevant.

If you focus on YOU more than gear, you’ll never get stuck in a rut.

I proved this last year in my 1-hour SM57 challenge, recording and mixing a song in an hour, using a $100 mic.

The whole thing is documented for my VIP members here:


Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner