It’s Friday the 13th.

I remember as a kid I would get so excited for Friday the 13th, because there would be horror movies playing all night on TV.

I didn’t even like horror movies, but for some reason I would make myself watch them, freak myself out, and then proceed to wish I hadn’t watched them.

What makes horror movies so scary?

Why do they freak us out?

Because the people who made these movies know people. They know what scares us. They know exactly how to get us all worked up.

They know their clientele (us).

And so should we.

Have you ever worked on a mix for a client, and you think it rocks, but she comes back with a bunch of changes?

What happened?

You didn’t know your client. You didn’t know what she wants.

Mixing (and music in general) is a very subjective thing. What sounds great to you might just sound “okay” to the next person.

Your goal is to — just like the horror movie makers — get under your client’s skin. Find out what makes them tick…but in a good way.

Rather than figuring out how to make her jump out of her seat in horror, figure out what the mix needs to sound like in order to make her tap her toe instead of furiously scribbling down mix changes.

Know what she wants BEFORE you mix. It can save you both a lot time and frustration.

And it’s as easy as asking for a reference track, a song or a band that matches the style of the song.

If the client wants Sum 41, and you’re going for Led Zeppelin, there’s gonna be a problem.

And, of course, you need to have the mixing chops to be able to take the song in the right direction.

We sell mixing chops here:

Getcha some.

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner