I finished a fantastic book last week.

It’s called “Unbroken.” It tells the real-life story of Lou Zamperini, an American soldier during World War 2.

It’s a story of survival and resilience.

At one point, Lou’s plane crashes over the Pacific Ocean. He finds himself in a life raft with two other men, stranded on the water..

With very few supplies, these men managed to survive for WEEKS.

How? They used the few tools they had available to them, and they used them with skill.

In a much less drastic sense, you do the same thing in your home studio. You’re “stranded” with a few pieces of gear. Far from ever having an “ideal” setup, you work with what you have.

And the key to your “survival” (actually making music and not giving up altogether) is developing the skills to use the tools you have in the best way possible.

You don’t need a thousand-dollar microphone to get amazing recordings.

But you DO need some know-how, some skills.

Before you go out and buy another microphone (or any other piece of gear), take an afternoon to go through my brand new Understanding Microphones tutorial.

You’ll discover simple-yet-powerful ways to use inexpensive tools to get ridiculously good results.


Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

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