I took my car to the mechanic the other day for a recall repair. They said it would probably take three to four hours.

I had my laptop with me and had planned to simply stay at the dealership and do some work. I found a comfy chair, sat down, and realized that the free wifi wasn’t working.

At this point, I had two options.

I could either call my wife to come pick me up or I could walk a half mile to a nearby restaurant and work from there. I decided to walk.

As I was walking, I realized how silly it seems.

A few hundred years ago, no one would think twice about walking several miles to get somewhere. Today, if it’s more than a block or two away, I will almost think of it as impossible to get there without a vehicle.

That really applies to the recording world as well.

We might think we have an inferior home recording set up. Because we can’t record 24 tracks of audio at once, we don’t record anything. Because it would be more difficult to record in our limited set up, we don’t do anything.

Instead, we open up a catalog and dream about all the fun things we want to buy one day.

That’s a shame.

Sometimes taking the hard route is the more beneficial route.

That’s what I teach all the time to my VIP members.

I teach them different ways to get great-sounding recordings and mixes using only the equipment they own right now.

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Joe Gilder
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