How will Home Studio Corner help me?

Home Studio Corner (HSC) exists to help home studios excel. It gives you LOTS of ways to expand your recording knowledge, hone your recording skills, and make better recordings.

  • Articles – I’ve written a TON of articles here on HSC. They cover a wide range of topics, everything from acoustic treatment to recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. You’ll find a wealth of information hidden in the HSC archives.
  • Videos – There are few things better than a nice tutorial video, where you watch someone else work on something, then you have that magical “ah-ha” moment. My goal with all of the free videos is to give you little “ah-ha” moments that make you a better engineer.
  • Training Products – I’m constantly creating new training products for HSC readers, everything from standalone tutorial video series to live online training courses. You can check them on the products page. If you’re not into paying for training material, no worries. I welcome you to peruse all of the free content here on HSC. It’s here for you.

Your articles and videos have always been very easy to understand and implement.
If I wouldn’t have found your site I may have given up trying to record, a lot of the other sites were just too hard to understand.

– Bob S.

I discovered your videos and website a little over a month ago and haven´t been able to keep my eyes and ears away from it since!

The way you communicate your stuff is just so amazingly well-formulated and has been a huge, huge inspiration for my own home studio work.

– Morten L.

Who is Joe Gilder?

Joe Gilder from Home Studio Corner

I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember. In fact, I think I’ve loved recording for just as long. I remember recording myself over and over on a little cassette recorder as a kid. I was simply fascinated by the process of capturing a sound and playing it back. I was hooked.

Fast-forward a few years, and I decided to learn more about this mysterious process of recording, so I moved to the Nashville area and even got my degree in recording and production technology. The more I recorded and learned about recording, the more hooked I became.

I’ve recorded in million-dollar studios, noisy churches, and tiny bedrooms, and I LOVE it.

Recording is such a fascinating, immensely creative process. We live in an exciting time, where a laptop and a couple hundred dollars will get you well on your way to making great-sounding recordings.

The problem? It’s hard to know what to do, where to start, HOW this whole recording process is supposed to work. You may not have the time or desire to get a recording degree, but you want to learn the recording process, and I’d love to teach you.

That’s why I created

It’s great to have you here. Enjoy!

One more thing…I’m also a musician/songwriter. You can check out my music at

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