Okay, so we know acoustic treatment is important, right?

We know that our studios do not have a flat frequency response, and that acoustic treatment can help “even out” those inaccuracies, so we can get better recordings and better mixes.

We know we need things like absorption to minimize reflections and bass traps to help control the low frequencies in our studios.

But if you’re like most people, this is the part where you get stuck.

What exactly do I need? What should I use? Where should I put it? 

These are valid questions. Questions that oftentimes receive overly vague answers. (Questions that I’ve had to answer recently in my new studio space.)

While scientists can measure and predict how sounds waves will behave in a given room, every room is different, and not everyone wants to hire an acoustician to come out and test the room and design a custom acoustic treatment plan.

We need “Acoustic Treatment for Dummies,” right? I know I do.

So to help you out, here are a few pointers to get you moving in the right direction:

  1. When possible, set up your studio in a rectangular room. They’re more predictable. (Avoid cube-shaped rooms.)
  2. Set up your desk and your studio monitors along the SHORTER wall. (Speakers are firing down the length of the room.)
  3. Place your studio monitors away from the wall. (Mine are usually at least 12-15 inches off the wall.)
  4. Place absorption at all “mirror points” around the mix position. (Directly to the left and right of the mix position, the ceiling above, and the wall behind the speakers.)
  5. Place bass traps in the vertical corners behind the speakers.
  6. For the rest of the room (the recording side of the room), use some sort of absorption (or even or gobos or dividers) to tame excessive reflections.

This is a fantastic starting point for anyone trying to figure out how to do acoustic treatment in a home studio.

For more, check out this week’s VIP training video, where I show you “Phase 1” of setting up my studio in the basement of our new house. I’ll share with you how to decide where to set things up in your studio, and what factors to consider when preparing to acoustically treat your room.

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Joe Gilder
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