One of my buddies from college released an EP last year. His name is Seth Talley.

I attended the release party at a cool studio in Franklin, where they recorded a few live acoustic versions of the songs with a bunch of folks gathered around. It was sweet.

Being the dutiful friend that I am, I promptly forgot to buy the EP. Fast forward a few months, and I finally remembered, and I headed over to Amazon and snagged it up.

I ordered it right at the end of the workday, so I couldn’t listen to it in the studio. Instead, I played it on our little Bose system in our kitchen area while we got ready to eat dinner.

I instantly loved it. The songs, the performance, the instrumentation, the arrangement…everything was fabulous.

I don’t normally listen to new albums over and over unless I really connect with them. I listened to this one again and again for a few days, all from that same Bose system in my kitchen. I listened to it while making breakfast for the kids, then listened again while having coffee, then again during lunch. I was smitten.

It’s important to note that I never listened while sitting directly in front of the speakers. It was always from across the room.

A week or so later, I finally listened to the EP on headphones, and it was like a whole new world opened up to me. It still sounded fabulous, of course, but I could now hear and enjoy a lot of subtle things I hadn’t heard before, things like how Seth panned the guitars, and some of the more subtle effects on the vocals.

This is how music should be made and enjoyed.

It should work whether listening in the car, in the studio, or on earbuds. It should work from across the room or under a microscope.

As home studio folk, we sometimes focus too much on the “under the microscope” part that we forget to listen to see if the music works from across the room.

Both are important. Both should have your attention.

Now go make some music.

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

P.S. You’ll have a chance to mix one of the songs from Seth’s EP next month. Working on a special project. Stay tuned.

P.P.S. If you want to check out Seth’s EP, you can find it on Amazon or iTunes.