I realized something today.

Well, more accurately, I realized something AGAIN today.

Let me explain…

As you probably know, I co-own Dueling Mixes with Graham Cochrane from The Recording Revolution. Dueling Mixes was launched 18 months ago, and quickly went from a seemingly cool idea to the most popular thing Graham or I have done in the history of our businesses.

Now…you would THINK I should be ecstatic, happy, thankful, etc. And I am. However, there’s this small, competitive part of me that resents the fact that my most popular product is a joint venture with someone else.

I have nothing against Graham. Quite the opposite, in fact. He’s one of my dearest friends. But a part of me, much like a 2-year-old kid, wants to do everything “all by myself.”

Rather than being thankful for what a blessing Dueling Mixes has become, I wonder if it would’ve been just as good if I had done it all by myself.

The answer is a resounding NO!

What makes it so great IS the fact that I’ve joined forces with someone else.

The same thing applies to music.
I’ve done albums where I record everything myself, in some vain attempt to impress people with my musical prowess. But the music suffers. It’s so much better when I include other musicians.

As much as I sometimes want to live life as a hermit, not depending on anyone for anything, that’s no way to live.

That’s not how we were designed to live.

We need other people, and those people make our lives infinitely better.

When it comes to marketing your music — getting new fans and even (gasp!) making a few bucks — one big piece of the puzzle is to have the humility to admit you need some help and to ask for it.

For more pieces of the puzzle, come to tonight’s free music marketing webinar I’m hosting with Björgvin Benediktsson, where you’ll learn how to apply simple business principles to your music, to help you grow a following of people willing to pay you for your music.


There WILL be a recording available, but only to those who register.

Joe Gilder
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