Remember King David from the Bible?

David was a busy dude.

He got his start as a shepherd. (“What’s that? A lion? Lemme just kill him real quick.”)

Then he graduated to warrior. (“Giant shmiant.”)

Then he became king.

(Then his great, great, great, great grandson did some amazing stuff, too.)

But you know what else David was?

A musician.

And a songwriter.

He wrote roughly half of the Book of Psalms, and some sources say he wrote up to an additional 3,600 songs not included in the Bible.

The point?

He was a BUSY guy (probably busier than you, plus people were always trying to kill him), but he still wrote thousands of songs.

He made time for it because it was important to him.

Remember, he didn’t have an iPhone to record his ideas. Heck, he didn’t even have a typewriter. But those limitations didn’t slow him down. He just knew he was called to write them, and he did.

What are you called to do?

I’m guessing some form of creating music is one answer to that question, or you wouldn’t still be reading this email.

If music is important to you, are you making time for it?

Are you creating music or are you “getting ready” to create music?

I’m not just talking about songwriting either, this could easily apply to recording, mixing, and mastering projects. If you really want to do them, then do them.

I bet David’s first song wasn’t Psalm 23.

I bet he wrote a few hundred before he cranked out that puppy.

And your next project might not be your best, but it’ll get you one step closer to your best.

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