My wife and I have a psychotic cat. His name’s Wayne.

Wayne does this really annoying thing at night. When we let him outside, he runs around for a while, then he jumps up into the window next to our living room couch. And scratches.

“Scratch, scratch, scratch.”

He knows it annoys me.

Eventually I get up, go to the door, and let him in.

2 minutes later, he’s at the door, meowing for me to let him out again.

It drives me CRAZY.

He can’t make up his mind. He spends all his time whining to go outside or whining to come back inside.

It’s a vicious, maddening cycle.

But sadly that describes a lot of home studio folks.

They run around like Wayne the Psycho Kitty, jumping from one piece of gear to the next. One minute they think they need a new mic. The next minute they need a new preamp or interface.

Then they insist they “need” to upgrade all their software to have the “latest features.”

They CLAIM they love music and love to record, but the reality is they’re simply GEAR COLLECTORS.

They haven’t finished a song in months, maybe years. Yet they keep whining that their recording rig is somehow inadequate or unacceptable.

“As soon as I have this final piece to the puzzle, I’ll record all the time!”

News Flash: You won’t.

You’ll be just like Wayne, as soon as you get what you THINK you want, two minutes later you’ll be whining for the next thing.

Stop the madness.

If you’re not making music, you’re missing the point entirely.

Do you want people to say:

“Wow, his recordings sound great!”


“Wow, he’s great at buying gear!”


Your choice.