Tesla CoilPower conditioners aren’t really the most exciting piece of gear to own. However, an auto insurance policy isn’t all that fun or exciting either, but it’s necessary.

I’ve posted about power conditioners before, but it bears repeating, and since you may be re-thinking your studio or wanting to spend some Christmas money on a new piece of gear, it’ll be good for you to think about power conditioning a bit.

If you’ve read my free eBook 12 Home Studio Necessities, then you know I talk about power conditioners as being insurance policy’s for your studio. (You can check out the blog post here: 12 Home Studios Necessities #11 – Power Conditioner.)

What got me thinking about power conditioners was a thread over at the Home Studio Corner Forums where Matt was asking about them. You can read it here.

Jon (@theaudiogeek) over at Audio Geek Zine was a part of the forum thread, and he went on to post a great article about his recent addition of a power conditioner to his home studio. Read it here: What’s the Deal with Power Conditioners?

After reading Jon’s article, I was reminded of another great article by Sean (@keyofgrey) from Key of Grey. Here’s the link: Preventative Protection from Power Surges.

I declare today power conditioner day! If you haven’t thought much about them, take a few minutes to read these various articles.

[Photo by Beige Alert]