I mentioned last week that I’m bringing back Ask Joe, my weekly podcast where I answer your questions.

What’s cool about it is that I stream the whole thing live on YouTube, then post it later as a podcast/YouTube video.

The plan is to get back on the normal schedule of going live on Tuesdays at 1pm Central. However, I’ve got an all-day recording session booked for tomorrow, so I’m sneaking an episode in TODAY at around 8:15 am Central. That’s a little over two hours from now.

It’s last-minute notice I know, so here’s how you can get in on the action:

  1. If you can make it live, click on this link. I’ll start at 8:15am Central.
  2. If you CAN’T make it, leave a comment below with your question. I’ll try to answer as many as I can.

I’ll post the episode on the blog later today.


Joe Gilder
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