SPECIAL BONUS – In this episode I play for you the title track from my new album, “Better This Way,” in its entirety (starting at 11:51).

I also share with you some details about a ConcertWindow.com concert I’m doing on March 20, 2015 at 8pm Central. It’s an acoustic set with percussion, bass, guitar, vocals, and harmonies. [UPDATE: Due to illness in the Gilder house, the show is now going to be an solo acoustic show instead of a full band show. We’ll do a full band show in the future!]

And online concerts might be a great thing for you to look into for your music and your clients’ music. Could be a great service you could offer people. Great-sounding audio for their streaming concerts. Hmmm…

And in the abbreviated Q&A section, I answer questions about stuff like:

  • How to calibrate your studio monitors
  • Multiple ways to deal with latency while recording
  • Signal degradation with a volume knob?

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