This week I started working out with Iron Tribe Fitness. Two workouts in and I am HURTING.

This husky boy has 51 pounds to lose, and I think what I’m learning about that process applies to you and your music, too.

Plus, in this episode I answer questions about stuff like:

  • Switching DAWs
  • Dealing with annoying sibilance and breath sounds in spoken word applications
  • Acoustic treatment placement (for more on this, see Understanding Your Room)
  • What “mid-side” is and why I don’t use it.
  • More electric guitar tone questions
  • Running a signal through an outboard preamp
  • Re-amping: do I need a reamp box?

BONUS! This week I used the Roswell Mini K47 mic on my voice this week. Sounds GOOOOOD. Take a listen.

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