Ever heard of Jack White?

Sure you have.

Whether you like his music or not, you could learn a lot from his approach to doing creative work.

I saw an old video interview with him recently, where he said that he intentionally makes things harder on himself in an attempt to force himself to be truly creative.

How does he do it? Here are a few ways:

* He plays guitars that don’t stay in tune very well.

* He puts the organ a little farther away for every show, forcing him to work harder to get to it in time to play a part for a song.

* He doesn’t use a set list for his shows, thereby making every show spontaneous and unique.

All of these things constrain him, and amidst those constraints, he is forced to create.

To Jack, if it’s easy and comfortable, it might not be art. (Or at the very least it has a tendency to become stale and rote.)

To combat this, he paints himself into a corner to see what happens.

I love this.

If you try it, you’ll discover that you CAN make good art under strict constraints.

Stop looking for an easy way out.

Easy leads to mediocre.

Challenge yourself.

See what happens.

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Joe Gilder
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