We spend a lot of time on mixing in the HSC Production Club. Almost five weeks, actually. All on one song, diving headlong into every little detail that goes into getting a good mix.

One of the very first Production Club members, Matt from FingerWorkout.com, sent me some before-and-after mixes. These are songs he had recorded and mixed before joining the Production Club, then after going through all the material, he went back and re-mixed them.

He was thrilled at how much better all of his mixes were sounding, and I was tickled to death just listening to the improvements.

So, since I’m launching a brand new Production Club this week, I thought it would be fun to share those mixes with you. (Thanks for sharing these, Matt!)

Audio Samples

Sample #1





Sample #2





Sample #3





Pretty cool, huh?

Some of the differences are subtle, and most of the after mixes are a bit louder than the originals, but it’s still a fun little experiment.

The Production Club isn’t magic, and I’m certainly not saying I know all the “secrets” to getting good home recordings. I simply love recording, and I love helping other people learn how to record.

If you wanna hang out with me over the next 12 weeks, sign up now at:


Live Q&A Session!!!

Tomorrow afternoon (Friday, April 30th), I’ll be hanging out in my studio working on a few things. I’ve decided to broadcast live from my studio on UStream to answer any and all questions you may have about the Production Club. I’ll go on at 4pm Central, and I’ll probably hang around until 7:00 or so. Be sure to stop by and say hi! The URL is:


[Photo by bfishadow]