Learning how to mix is a lot like going through puberty.

It’s awkward.

It takes forever.

Half the time you don’t know what’s happening.

As a kid, you don’t have a choice. Sure, it would be nice to just
go straight into adulthood with one snap of the fingers, but that
ain’t the case.

We all have to endure the awkward, zit-faced, hormone-ridden

It’s not comfortable, but it has to happen.

Same thing applies to mixing (or recording or songwriting, or
anything creative really). If you want to get to the point where
you’re churning out earth-shattering mixes, you’ve got to realize
you won’t get there overnight.

You’ll become a better mix engineer, one awkward, zit-faced mix at
a time.

Don’t resist it.

Don’t stress about it.

I’ve interacted with so many people who completely obsess over
their very first mix. They spent countless hours tweaking and
tweaking, only to be disappointed.

They believe they can make it sound like an award-winning mix, and
that just doesn’t happen.

My advice to them is simple.

It doesn’t matter what your first 20 mixes sound like. This is the
learning phase. Just finish the mix and move on to the next one.

You’re putting in the work today so that you can be great tomorrow.

You endure puberty today so you can be an adult tomorrow.

Don’t try to force the teenager to be an adult prematurely.

It’ll happen soon enough.

Have patience, young padawan.

Your mixes will get there.

And there IS one way you can speed up the process a little bit, and
that is to simply learn from someone else.

Pick up a few of my training products, and you may find yourself
pumping out better mixes in less time.


Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner